iPad PPTP VPN Setup Tutorial

1. Go to the  ‘Settings  (1)1

2. Press on General, scroll down and select VPN (2)2

3.  Press Add VPN Configuration… (3)3

4.  Select ‘PPTP’ (4) .  In description type the name you want for this connection, for example PPTP VPN HideIPVPN.  (5)

Server: enter the PPTP VPN server name or IP address from received email or in your client area under your VPN package. (6)

In account type your VPN username (7) and VPN password (8)

Encryption level: Auto, Send All traffic: ON

Once done Press Save


5. Once done you can enable your PPTP VPN connection (9). In future to connect VPN just enter Settings and enable VPN in main menu (10).


Enjoy your safe VPN.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011 at 14:13 in Setup