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Last updated on July 29th, 2015 in SmartDNS

unblockedHow many companies or services do you know, that truly try to get better with every single day and can show a true, visible by customers success on this field? With new batch of unblocked websites we make our Smart DNS better, again!

Smart DNS for unblocked websites

If you happen to visit our page for the first time, you might wonder what is this Smart DNS service all about, how is it different form VPN and why is it so cool to use it to access unblocked websites.

Smart DNS is a combination of “special” DNS server and a network of proxy servers. Where with VPN you have to remember what VPN server you need to use in order to change your IP address to the one from specific country, with Smart DNS it is not the case. Our DNS server will recognize if you are accessing site in USA – like Netflix or HULU, in UK – like BBC or SKY or in Poland to watch HBO Go or Ipla. Once set up properly, with your real IP updated in our data base (it is your login to the service) it will work invisibly in the background.

Your ping will not change, you will access all your local sites without any delay and most importantly that you can access many different unblocked websites at the same time from different devices. There is one more big advantage of Smart DNS, although it will not hide your IP address like VPN (to improve your privacy) or encrypt your traffic like VPN (to improve your online safety) it does not require any special software support like VPN – a VPN client.

This means it will work on PC, Mac, phone, tablet, game console, Smart TV, Android dongle and practically any Internet device capable of accessing VOD sites.

New Smart DNS unblocked websites are…

1. AdulSwim

2. Strefavod

3. CinemanPL

4. CNNgo

We hope that this new add-ons to already over 140 unblocked websites will make our Smart DNS service even better! And now the most important part. Before you decide to buy a plan you can try us free for 7 days without any further commitment!

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