Best Smart DNS in USA – get the best out of your plan (2)

Last updated on August 31st, 2015 in SmartDNS, VPN

best Smart DNSThis is second part of our best Smart DNS post. If you did not read the first one, you can find it under this link – best Smart DNS (1). Today, we continue our “lecture” about best Smart DNS in USA. 

In last post we have talked about VPN it’s cons and pros as well ass Smart DNS. How it differs form VPN what makes it (under certain conditions) more attractive. Let’s continue…

Best Smart DNS = faster than VPN

Where VPN needs to send all your data via VPN server (sometimes located thousands of kilometres away from you) Smart DNS needs no such thing. Also VPN has to first encrypt or decrypt your data. Beside time needed for this action it also means that your CPU will work harder. Smart DNS if set up correctly will use DNS server closest to your location. When using Netflix, Hulu, HBO or BBC or browsing Internet (especially your local sites) you will not notice it is there. However, in order to get the best result you have to use DNS server closest to your location. Sounds difficult? It is not! Either use our free Smart DNS application or set it up manually.

Best Smart DNS = easy set up!

With manual setup it is also very easy. In our support section you can find step by step manuals for most popular system and devices. When you get to part where you have to insert actual address of DNS server (our service uses 4 different DNS servers – so that our service is NEVER down) you simply click on this link (also listed in all our manuals) – check DNS server addresses.

As mentioned we have 4 different DNS servers. 2 located in EU and 2 located in USA. You should use the DNS servers located closest to you in order to truly have the best Smart DNS. And with the link above it is easy.  It will show you only 2 DNS servers located closest to your physical location. If you are closer to USA or in USA you will get address of our US based DNS servers. And of course opposite for EU.

Why is this important? Best Smart DNS = no delays and low ping. Not only for unblocked sites and services but also for all others not covered with geo-blockade. If you’d use DNS located far from you ping could get higher and your browsing experience could not be as good as we want it to be. As you can see all this is not very complicated, it does make sense to get VPN & best Smart DNS and as always…. If you have any questions we are here for you. On our web site, on Facebook – wherever and whenever you need us!


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