Best use of VPN in 5 points

Last updated on November 10th, 2016 in VPN

Best use of VPN in 5 pointsWe thought it might be smart to help you see how you can best use VPN. We have noticed similar posts online and since we want you to have the best service and knowledge about our product – well, here we go. Best use of VPN service in 5 short points.

Best use of VPN – privacy, safety and anonymity

Active VPN, the one you use on daily basis is an additional safety for your data and your privacy. Thanks to VPN your ISP will no longer be able to log and report on your online activity. On the websites you visit or services you use. At the same time VPN also secures the data you send over Wi-Fi network. It is important when you use public Wi-Fi networks  but it is also important for you home network. You might be surprised to know who might want to scan your Wi-Fi.

Best use of VPN – hide your IP address

VPN will allow you to change and hide your IP address and through that change of your location in the Internet. In an instant, with few clicks you might appear as connecting to the Internet from USA or UK or Poland. Thanks to that, some of you can avoid different types of censorship. Either geographical – when certain websites or services are not available due to your location. Or a real one, political. With VPN you can access independent sources of information.

Best use of VPN – save money

Since we just have mentioned change of your Internet location there is one more side to this. On quite few occasions our users have reported that they managed to save cash through VPN. As it turns out some of the online shops or services present different prices to users form different locations. So, since you got access to VPN and VPN servers in different countries it might be worth checking if change of IP address will change the price of an item?

Best use of VPN – secure your data

We have already mentioned that in the first point, but we’d like to emphasize. VPN will encrypt all of your network traffic. It is important, because beside the fact of so called sniffing performed by different Internet servers there are also actual hackers out there. They not only want to monitor your traffic but also read actual information you exchange. If they succeed you may loos a lot more than just content of an e-mail.

Best use of VPN – use on multiple devices

Finally, VPN service we offer can be used on up to 3 devices at the same time, as long as they connect to 3 different VPN servers. In another words we are already offering you a “family plan”. Like with Netflix or Spotify you can buy and use our premium VPN with a friend or family member.

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