Are free VPN services dangerous?

Last updated on October 20th, 2016 in VPN

Are free VPN services dangerous?When you think about minimalizing risks of Internet browsing or about your online privacy and anonymity, first thing that you will find in Google are different VPN services. Before you are tempted with a free VPN service consider the risks. Here are our thoughts on the subject – are free VPN services dangerous?

Are free VPN any good?

Of course they are! That should be obvious answer. We all love getting a good service free of charge. Who would not? The only problem there is to find one. In theory it should not be an issue. In app stores and in Google you will find quite a lot of services advertised as free of charge & risk free VPN. But is it really the truth? The best known indication that things might not be what they seem is the story regarding Hola. In short, it tempted people with free VPN. Service that, for free would anonymise their traffic, hide IP address, unblock access to sites in different countries. However, users  were not told, that at the same time their bandwidth was offered to almost anyone. Users had no control over who and how is using their internet connection. So again, is free VPN OK? We think no – free vpn services are risky. Here is why we think so.

Why are free VPN services dangerous?

Our service and how it operates gives a good example – why you should be very cautious with free VPN. In order to offer a VPN service a company should have VPN servers. This is quite obvious. Those servers do not come free, unfortunately. Any company has to pay for the hardware, maintenance, electricity and for the data. You might not realize this but every single website, online server of any kind, etc. needs to purchase and pay for the traffic created by its users. All those servers have to connect to the internet somehow. This means at one pint using an infrastructure that belongs to a telecom. Those telecoms as you can imagine are not non-profit organizations and they ask for cash for every single bit of transferred data. So if you are using free VPN – who pays for your traffic? Or perhaps you do pay for it yourself just in a way you’d never wanted to pay if you knew the risks involved?

What if indeed your internet connection is being used to anonymise someone else’s traffic. Can your router and connections be used as an anonymous, for other people. Yes it can. What will you do if one day authorities will come and knock on your door accusing you of illegal activities? After all you use VPN service to minimise all the risks involved with the use of the Internet – not to make things worse. This is why we consider free VPN services dangerous.

Free VPN only if it is trial

We think if you really want to be truly sure use free VPN service only if it is offered as a trial. Once you are sure service like our VPN suits your needs – subscribe and pay. Use our free VPN trial to make sure our VPN is what you are looking for.

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