Free VPN Hola? No such thing!

HOLAThose of you who are with HideIPVPN long enough might remember our old post about free stuff on the internet. Free services, like free VPN always come with a price tag, even if it is a hidden one. Same goes with free VPN Hola. Remember, if something looks to good to be true, it usually is.

Free VPN? I want  it!

Hey, if it is free VPN we want it!!! HideIPVPN came to life as an idea of bringing everyone affordable but high quality VPN service. We realized that in order to help you hide IP addresses, anonymize your online activity and at the same time be honest with you our service can not be free. The same goes with all other Internet services. Gmail, Outlook, Google, Bing, Facebook, BitTorrent movies… Yes, you do not pay for it with cash, but it does not mean they are free. Either you agree to share your data with big companies, watch ads, be a potential customer or (like in case of downloading BitTorrent stuff) you know you are “bending” the rules and things you get are not (in reality) free.

To sum up. If you really want a trustworthy, reliable and premium VPN it will never be free.

Free VPN Hola? – not really…

It came to our attention (and you should treat it as a warning) that popular free VPN Hola service is not exactly free and in reality it can be very risky to use. When you install Hola add-on to unblock Netflix, Hulu, BBC (let us add, that our Smart DNS service is thousand times better- works with all devices not only a browser!) has more to it then it meets the eye. When you do not use your device or when your broadband is fast enough, your bandwidth is being commercially sold. To anyone that pays!

What it means is, that you, your computer and your IP address are an exit node in a big network of computers. You do not know when it is happening, you do not know who is using your computer and you do not know for what purposes!

This is what TorrentFreak says:

The operator of 8chan says the bandwidth of millions of Hola users is being sold for reuse, with some of it even being used to attack his site. Speaking with TorrentFreak, Hola founder Ofer Vilenski says that users’ idle resources are indeed utilized for commercial sale, but that has been the agreement all along.

“Hola has gotten greedy. They recently (late 2014) realized that they basically have a 9 million IP strong botnet on their hands, and they began selling access to this botnet (right now, for HTTP requests only) at,” the 8chan owner says.

TorrentFreak asked Vilenski about Brennan’s claims. Again, there was no denial.

“We have always made it clear that Hola is built for the user and with the user in mind. We’ve explained the technical aspects of it in our FAQ and have always advertised in our FAQ the ability to pay for non-commercial use,” Vilenski says.

We think we have heard enough to be sure that we are not interested in such deal. After all who would want to explain to authorities, that “I was only watching Netflix” when accused of downloading child pornography or some terrorist activity. Do you want to have such problems? We think it is important, that you let your friends and family know about this before they get into trouble.

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