How to change IP to USA?

Last updated on August 17th, 2017 in SmartDNS, VPN

blogUSA is a very big country and for a lot of reasons people from all over the world want to get inside. In our case, people want to get in in a virtual way. This is why phrase “How to change IP to USA” is very popular with Google!

First, WHY- change IP to USA

Every single country on Earth, connected to the internet of course, has its own range of IP addresses that are assigned to users. This means that unless you will do as instructed below (if you want to change IP to USA) you will not be able to hide or change your own IP address. Your IP address is (like your post address) “a thing”, number visible to all other computers, servers – read websites and application services. Without IP address if you’d request a specific site to open, this site “would have no clue” where to send all the content. It is sort of like sending a request for data, information to a library, but without a return address. That would not really work.

Now, same as with your real IP address all those other computers/websites in the internet can check country you are connecting from. This is reason why Netflix, Hulu or Hbo Now will not work not work without IP from USA. And if you want to use those services like FOX, ABC, NBC, Crackle ory any US based service this is reason why you need to change IP to USA

How to change IP to USA?

Lets start with one simple fact. In IP change there is no magic! Also, there is nothing for free (even famous Hola is not free!). In order to change IP address you need to connect to other computer that will “pretend” to act as you. Any free software (in best case scenario) will simply not do it (who would pay for renting VPN server?). In the worst case scenario you will infect you computer with malware software. At first it might even look like everything is working and you will indeed have US IP address. But how do you know your PC is not a part of a global BOTNET?

The easiest and safest way to change IP to USA is to get Premium USA VPN like ours. Trustworthy! With no logs to share, reliable and very fast! Right now we can offer you access to 9 different US IP addresses all on severs offering up to 1 Gbps per user, what more can you ask?

(*)… and if you still want to use all those awesome US VOD services but under your own address, without the need to change IP to USA, there is a way. It is called Smart DNS.

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