How to watch Hulu in Europe

Last updated on February 10th, 2022 in VPN

Want to know how to watch Hulu in Europe? We’ve got the answer. Content inequality is present with almost every single service across all borders and boundaries, including even ones that claim they’re “European” like DAZN limiting access for their users on this side of things – but not just them! The London-based company doesn’t seem interested or willing when it comes down to doing business here which leaves us without any choice other than to find another way around these pesky blocks.

Hulu is a great service, but it only works in the US. If you live across Europe though and want to use this app on your phone or computer then things get more tricky because there’s no way of accessing Hulu without using an American VPN.

watch hulu in europe


Why Is Hulu Not Available in Europe?

Hulu’s content is not available in Europe for several reasons. For one, it would be difficult to equally distribute licenses across the world due to a need to buy individual rights every time there was an adaptation or release of any kind; secondly, some countries already have all necessary media ownership restrictions so they can’t license the third party shows from elsewhere (e..g Great Britain); thirdly? Getting new TV shows onto streaming services costs almost exponentially more than acquiring titles after their broadcast debut date– which means Hulu doesn’t even try anymore outside America because it’s simply not viable for them economically.

How to watch Hulu in Europe in 2021?

  1. Have an American credit card.
  2. Have the Hulu app if watching on your phone or Amazon Fire TV.
  3. Connect to VPN
  4. Register for Hulu account
  5. Stream Hulu content.

It sure does seem like a lot of work to get onto Hulu, but you’ll find out how it’s done after reading on, as you might have noticed so far, it’s not as hard as would have thought. We won’t hold any information back for those who want the scoop!

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How to create Hulu account to watch Hulu in Europe?

Create an account with Hulu if you want to watch the latest shows and movies from Hollywood.
First off, sign up for their free trial or buy a subscription before your Europe country trip so that when traveling abroad all of these services will be accessible in Europe’s different countries! You can also get help by asking friends who live nearby since they might offer access too/have already signed up themselves just like what happened mine did last week after she traveled here far away.

If you still don’t have that account from your friend, you can create one yourself but in order to watch Hulu in Europe and make an account with them, you will need an American card to register an account with Hulu.

These are our ideas for you on how to get an American card for Hulu:

  • Ask your American friend for his credit card details, or if he’s the secure type of fella, you can contribute to his payments and share it.
  • Get a prepaid American card.
  • Get a virtual American card.

Signing up for a Hulu account is easy, but you need to have at least $1 on your card before entering the help section of their website. You can’t get free trials over and again if there isn’t any money in it!

How to make Hulu think you are in the US?

To get Hulu working in Europe, you need to use a VPN.
A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows users to effectively change their location by redirecting packets of data through another server located near them – in this case, one close enough for all purposes including streaming content from the US without geo-blocks or other restrictions imposed on it due to local laws.

A VPN is a great way to virtually change your location. However, not many services work with Hulu and if you want to access it in Europe then connecting through one will leave out certain channels like CNN International or BBC World News – which can be important depending on what part of the world one lives in! To make sure everything works correctly there’s no need for frustration since we’ve got just about every country covered by our network so finding something perfect should take minimal time.

There’s also a SmartDNS solution that will enable the same streaming capabilities but it will not limit them by country location. With it, you can watch Hulu in Europe as well as German channels, or from other locations, because with SmartDNS your location does not change, you just get access to a list of unblocked geo-restricted website lists and get great streaming speeds while you’re at it.

hideipvpn unblocked channels

How to download Hulu app on iOS?

You can download Hulu app in Europe by changing the location of your store. To do this, firstly you need to log out from your current account followed by registering for a new one with US details like email address and password (or entering these manually if they’re not already set). Then all that’s left will be updating some settings on devices that allows users to access different types of streaming service than what was originally intended when signing up initially – so long as it falls under their particular regionally-based restrictions regarding availability!

Another way would be changing your current’s AppleID country location, this will immediately prompt you for new details like street or Zip code, as well as a credit card. You can skip the last one and select none on payment requirement.

How to download Hulu app on Android?

Google has a section about switching locations. It covers how to do it and when changing your country, make sure that’s the US because Hulu is going to continue working on Android devices past this year even if they don’t update their app store anymore!

Other option would be downloading cracked versions of the apk files for Hulu, but we don’t recommend it. We advise to travel abroad prepared and have all of your apps already downloaded before you go outside USA.

Watch Hulu in Europe – main points

Hulu is a great way to watch your favorite shows and movies without having the hassle of traveling. To sum up this guide’s main points check the list below:

  1. Have an account before you travel
  2. If you don’t have one you can register it with an american credit card
  3. Have you VPN subscription up to date
  4. Connect to VPN
  5. Access Hulu
  6. Enjoy top streaming content from Hulu streaming services

It’s as easy as that and you’re good to go.

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