Popcorn Time and no trusted VPN = trouble

Last updated on August 28th, 2015 in VPN

popcorn time piracyIf you fell in love with Popcorn Time service we might have some bad news for you, especially if you were not keen on securing yourself with proper P2P/ BitTorrent VPN. On our blog we have mentioned Popcorn Time app few times already. Most of the time we have warned you, that if you consider using this application than a trusted VPN is a must!

What is trusted VPN?

Answer to that question is simple. It is VPN that you know you can trust. And the best way to find out if you can trust VPN service is to check reviews of the service as well as users opinions. Trusted VPN is a service that keeps no logs, offers you different ways of data encryption, has never in the passed shared its users identities, that will properly hide your IP address. Trusted VPN is a service that is always working, it is stable, fast and it’s staff is always there to help you. If you do your homework about HideIPVPN you will know that we are a VPN you can trust.

Why is trusted VPN important when using Popcorn Time?

Reasons for this are few. First of all, as you all know Popcorn Time is in reality P2P/BitTorrent client. Unlike other software of this kind instead of allowing you to download a movie you want it simply plays it on your screen. Never the less it is not a real streaming link in case of Netflix (that we recommend to use instead!) or Hulu. Just like with any other software of this type you download file and upload it when you share it with other users. Is this risky? Yes! This article from Torrent Freak speaks about over 75.000 users in Norway, that has been identified as potential pirates. Article warns that further action will be taken. upload of copyrighted content is not allowed in most countries, this is why using such software without trusted VPN can be very costly!

And yes, we know that Popcorn Time has its own VPN built in. But consider this. You do not pay for software, you do not pay for content, you do not pay for VPN usage. Who is so generous that covers all this costs? Is it really free? Is it VPN you can trust?

We would like to remind you about two of the posts on similar issue we have published in the past:

Free VPN is not always free and about free (not really) Hola VPN that turned out to be something different.

Decision is yours…

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