Unblock Anything and Enjoy Maximum Accessibility with a VPN

Last updated on November 10th, 2020 in VPN

Unblock AnythingIt’s quite frustrating to see a notice about access-restrictions while you’re trying to open a webpage. Heavy internet censorship has been implemented by several countries and even by certain ISPs. If you reside in countries like Saudi Arabia, North Korea, China, Pakistan then you have the firsthand experience of experiencing the internet censorship. Censorship makes the internet a place for accessing limited number of websites, which destroys the very essence of the internet.

Exploring the internet to the full extent/potential is what makes it an interesting venture. Utilizing the internet has a tremendous amount of benefits for everyone. However, the censorships deplete the awesomeness that the internet possesses.

Internet censorship can be easily circumvented using a VPN. VPNs mask your IP address with that of another and lets you access the blocked sites. A VPN service like, HideIPVPN, is capable of easily opening the world of free internet for you. Keep reading to know how VPNs help you in gaining maximum accessibility through VPN.

  • Unblock Hulu, BBC in countries where they are restricted

Hulu and BBC are two of the most popular streaming websites in the world containing a wide range of TV series and movies. However, these websites are geo-restricted meaning, they cannot be accessed from locations where such services are not available.

So, can you miss your favorite TV Shows and movies while you’re travelling to some other country or are a resident of such places where such services are unavailable? The answer is a straight-forward-NO.

So, how do you gain access to such sites outside their designated locations? Yes, you use a VPN! VPNs will trick the website into thinking that the request is coming from the approved location and hence, will allow access. This is the most popular and reliable method of accessing such websites!

  • Unblock Social Networking Websites

If you live in a country where popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter are banned then a VPN service is the best solution for you. Even many universities and offices block access to such website, citing reasons about decreasing productivity of their students or employees.

Accessing such websites is very easy using VPN service. You can create a VPN profile on your device or alternatively download a VPN Client and run it. Then, such VPN service will provide you access to such blocked social networking websites as well as provide you with privacy and anonymity.

  • Unblocking Torrents

Many a times, torrents are entirely blocked over a certain ISP. Or their speeds are throttled over the network. This presents a very worrisome situation for places where downloading via torrents is the only available choice to enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies, in the unavailability of decent streaming service.

The problem of torrent blocks and speed throttling can be easily sorted out using a VPN. A good VPN service will not only let you access torrents but will also provide you with decent speed to ensure faster downloads of your favorite shows!

  • Access online games

Several universities and offices restrict your access to gaming sites or even online gaming. Gamers are heavily disappointed since, a method of releasing their stress is taken away from them.

Worry not! VPN service helps you in unblocking the restrictions regarding your online gaming. The solution to the lagging problems can be also weeded out by selecting a server located close to your actual location.


We have discussed the various ways in which in which VPN service enables you to access the world of unrestricted internet. Even the strongest of the firewalls can be bypassed via a VPN to access your favorite sites and services. All you need to do is choose the VPN service wisely. Look for parameters like speed provided, and number of server locations while choosing a VPN. Be assured that using a VPN to connect to the internet is going to change the manner in which you live your online life. 

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