VPN for iPhone – is this something that you need?

Last updated on August 2nd, 2017 in VPN

We all remember story last year, when FBI asked Apple for help with iPhone decryption. Apple refused. All – since 2014 – iPhones and iPads, thanks to iOS system and hardware are very safe devices with all internal data under strong encryption. You might wonder in this case – is VPN for iPhone something that I truly need?

Lets try to see how this encryption works and if you truly need VPN for iPhone.

iPhone encryption – is it safe?

Judging by FBI’s problems with accessing iPhone internal data we need to say yes. iPhone are very safe devices. However – as usual in such cases – a lot will depend on the user. If you do not use TouchID or screen lock even the best encryption will be useless.

Unlike most manufacturers these days Apple is responsible for both – hardware design and software. This makes a great combination, making both – iPhone and iPad one of the safest devices available on the market. Apple devices, running iOS 8 or above  use hardware and software encryption. A 256-bit crypto engine with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is placed between the flash storage and main system memory. Additionally, units CPU uses 256-bit AES encryption through UID – unique identifier. UID is unique for each device and can not be read directly from outside. That means, that as long as your data are inside of your iPhone they are safe. Very safe!

If that is the case… do you really need VPN for iOS device?

VPN for iPhone – this is why you need one!

As we just said, as long as your data are inside your iPhone all is good. But, you do not buy smartphone or tablet if you do not plan on Internet communications. When you start sending data over the internet it is a whole different story.

Your iPhone or iPad in order to be able to communicate with outside world need to use common, standard systems and protocols of communication. Those are well known to all parties involved – including hackers. Let’s suffice to say that app devs are able to circumvent HTTPS encryption in Apple devices. And this can lead to a leak – when a third party like hackers or government agencies can intercept and decrypt your data. If you wish to prevent such thing from happening use our VPN for iOS.

iPhone VPN how do I start and what will happen?

When your VPN connection will be active, data that leave your iPhone or iPad will still be encrypted and safe from any praying eyes. iOS devices can choose from few different VPN protocols. All of them are described and explained on our blog and you can find out more when your browse or “Support” section. Alternatively you can use comments section below or contact us through Social Media channels with any questions about VPN and online security.

Using VPN for iPhone does not require any special knowledge. Subscribe to our service using button below, download and install free VPN iOS app form the store, enter your login and password – that is it. We will do the rest to make sure all your data are secure. That is especially important if you travel abroad and use unsecured and open Wi-Fi networks – in hotel, restaurant, etc.


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