Premium US3 Server Is Now Available

We have just replaced one of our servers with a new, better one. Of course, the news US3 server is able to unblock Hulu. We hope that it will not be blocked soon.

So, please give it a try and if you encounter any problems please open a ticket and let us know. The new server is available only for premium VPN accounts.

Here are the necessary info to be able to connect to the new server:

If you are located in China or in another country that blocks our website and you connect via the IP address of the server you will need to check the new IP addresses: http://billing.hideipvpn.com/knowledgebase/2/List-of-IP-address.html. Those using OpenVPN make sure you use the proper config. Go to http://billing.hideipvpn.com/downloads.php (it requires login) and download OpenVPN config for China users.

Please let us know what you think about the new server or if you encounter any problems.

HideIpVPN Team

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