Polish IP address – all you need to know

Last updated on September 8th, 2016 in VPN

Polish IP address - all you need to knowWe are continuing our series of posts about IP addresses form different countries and things you ought to know. We have started with US IP address & moved on to UK IP address. Today it is time for Polish IP address and all you need to know about it.

Why VPN? I already have Polish IP address.

As we said in previous post this is an important question to which answer is quite simple. If you care about your privacy, anonymity and safety you should connect to Internet through VPN rather than under your own, real IP. It is true that in many cases just showing original, in this case Polish IP address will not be enough to compromise your safety and endanger you. However it is good to remember that all of us do leave bits and pieces of information about us in many different places online. Sometimes we do it consciously, when we use Facebook, Twitter, etc., but quite often not. Websites, search engines, shops, internet forums – every single service collects and stores information about us. Do you really want to make it easier for them to combine them into one? Your ISP logs every single step you make online. It is also worth to remember about recent political change in Poland. Are you 100% sure, that comments about authorities you make today will not be used against you in future?

To sum up. VPN hides your real IP address, provides you with an anonymous IP and encrypts all the data you exchange with the internet. It is not “bulletproof” but definitely helps.

If VPN – get one with Polish IP address

Since you mostly use “Polish” internet you do not want to make life difficult for yourself. This is the reason why we recommend to change your personal Polish IP address to an anonymous IP address provided by us is simple. You get all the benefits of using Polish VPN and at the same time you’ll keep all the benefits of Polish IP.

Do you shop online in Poland or use Polish VOD services? Do you want to stream live TV from Poland or listen to Polish radio broadcasts? You can do it. Safely when you are in Poland and easily when you live abroad. HBO Go Poland, VOD TVP, TVN Player, Ipla – you can use them all with Polish IP address.

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