UK IP address – all you need to know

Last updated on March 10th, 2017 in VPN

UK IP address – all you need to knowWe would like to continue on the subject of what you can do with certain IP address. We have started with US IP address and today we will move to United Kingdom to cover – UK IP address.

Why VPN? I already have UK IP address.

Again, as in previous post this is a valid point. Let’s start with why you need UK VPN. You probably know how VPN works. VPN connection hides your real IP address. It also encrypts your whole Internet traffic. But why would you care? After all you do not do anything bad or criminal. Well, even if we forgot about dangers of the Internet itself – hackers, malware, “big data” and almost all corporations trying to know as much about you as they can there is also another part – UK authorities. Looks like freedom and privacy of an average citizen in UK is getting smaller and smaller. Did you know that BBC will soon start snooping on private Wi-Fi networks? Or that your ISP is monitoring what you do online in case you could be a pirate? If you think this is a bit too much – simply get VPN and say enough!

If VPN – get one with UK IP address

Simple reason why it is important for you is this. You want to improve on you safety, privacy & anonymity. But at the same time you do not want to change how you use internet. You do not wish to look for new services online, etc. With new, anonymous UK IP address you don’t have to. Our UK VPN guarantees that you will be able to use Internet just as you did but without any mentioned downsides. Even if you go to work, school or use public Wi-Fi hot spot VPN can be useful. Some sites can be blocked, some public Wi-Fi’s used to extract data. Identity theft is a serious issue in UK – why not take one more step to make it harder for anyone to steal yours? Remember our old motto? Your IP is your ID – it is still valid today!

To make sure our service is up to your expectations and that all services like, BBC iPlayer, ITV, Sky Go, etc. work – please use our free vpn trial account.

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