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Last updated on October 15th, 2015 in SmartDNS, VPN

blogbbcAlthough Europe can hardly match USA with the amounts and quality of services offering streaming of video content there are few exceptions. One of them is British TV VOD service BBC iPlayer. Today we will tell you how to unblock BBC iPlayer and how to watch it outside UK.

Who wants to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK?

Our post is directed at those of you who love English TV. If you are British expat living in Spain, Greece, Poland? Or perhaps you just went away from UK for great holidays abroad? You will want to know how to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK. The same goes for all those of you living in Canada, USA, Australia and other parts of the world. Sure, many of you can get BBC World… But linear TV is not VOD. It does not offer flexibility of such great VOD service like BBC iPlayer. But worry not. HideIPVPN has an easy solutions to allow you to watch iPlayer outside UK.

How to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK on TV?

For this, HideIPVPN would recommend our Smart DNS service. In order to get BBC iPlayer app on your telly either change your TV region for UK (if you own Samsung smart TV, check out this posts for help). Alternatively you can use Android dongle or game console like Xbox One. Once you got the app change DNS settings on your device as instructed in our welcome e-mails or on your home router. If you do the later, all devices in your home network will benefit form Smart DNS access.


How to watch BBC iPlayer on a PC or Mac?

Because your PC or Mac is a bit more sensitive device where data are concerned than TV we would recommend using different method for accessing not only BBC iPlayer but the Internet in general. In order to be able to watch iPlayer outside UK and increase your online safety and anonymity you will need VPN. In case of accessing iPlayer outside UK British VPN, with British IP address.  This way all your data exchanged with the world will be encrypted and safe from sniffing by hackers or your local ISP. Your real IP address will be hidden. VPN is the best tool to increase privacy online.

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