Online piracy crackdown in UK

Online piracy crackdown in UKOn 10th of May we have all learned how UK government plans to escalate its fight against online piracy. Tackling of IP infringement will increase in coming years. Do not want to fall a victim of the new legislature.

UK has one of the strongest polices against online piracy. Lots of different operations, many arrests carried out by Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU). All of it is regularly appearing in the media. This, combined with the news about actions performed by GCHQ might be quite disturbing. Especially that it might affect life on and average citizen.

We now have a new document from UK authorities. Protecting Creativity, Supporting Innovation: IP Enforcement 2020. It describes strategy for the next 4 years. What UK will do against online piracy. In some ways also against online privacy and anonymity.

It is expected that solutions similar to those in US are heading towards UK. Government want to allow right holders to send out so called “takedown notices”. Also, they would be able to take direct actions against copyright infringers or those suspected of such actions.

There is also a good chance that intermediary platforms will become liable. Government also want to encourage people to buy content from legal sources. This will be a part of warning system. This system is currently under development by UK ISP’s. And let’s face it. In order to achieve its goal it has to mean that ISP will be monitoring your traffic.

Now the questions if for example movies streaming from free online sources will also be considered piracy? But you need to remember that in order for ISP to check if you are using torrents or streaming movie for “approved” source they will have to keep an eye (or rather implemented software will) on your every online step.

There is an easy solution that can prevent your ISP from spying on you. Also, this way you can hide your IP address. This way no one else, who is following the data flowing to your computer will know IP address. And through your IP your identity.

Fight against online piracy does not justify spying

Get VPN! This is an easy and comfortable solution to hide your IP address. Through encryption of all your incoming and outgoing data you will also prevent your ISP form checking what sort of data your receive and from where.

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