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Update your Popcorn Time application

Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, live British TV, Sky, HBO Go, iPlayer, iplex and so on… With good VPN and SmartDNS ways to watch new movies and TV show online are almost endless. However for some of you this might not be […]

Enjoy Popcorn responsibly

As you have probably noticed, we do not often write about Torrent VPN and P2P file exchange via VPN. We all know what is it all about and although we do allow torrent traffic on our VPN server (DE VPN […]

Popcorn Time and no trusted VPN = trouble

If you fell in love with Popcorn Time service we might have some bad news for you, especially if you were not keen on securing yourself with proper P2P/ BitTorrent VPN.

Free porn from torrents – is it safe?

“Internet is for porn”. True? We’d say not anymore, but since TorrentFreak has published an interesting article about free porn we thought it might be wise to remind you, that “free” does not mean free of charge. As we did in […]

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