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HideIPVPN software for Mac OS X update 3.0.2

We are proud to announce that our free application –  HideIPVPN software for Mac OS X has been updated. Here is what’s new and how to update.

HideIPVPN MacOS X VPN and Smart DNS software

Welcome to HideIPVPN! This tutorial will guide you through installation process of Mac OS X Yosemite VPN & Smart DNS software.

How to bypass VPN for specific websites and services on macOS X

You might have seen our post about bypassing VPN connection in Windows. In short this is to keep your VPN connection active and being able to access specific sites and services without it. For a bit more theory, please read […]

How to bypass VPN for specific websites and services on Windows

If you use VPN on daily basis as you should and as you are encouraged by us, then you definitely have run it fairly simple, but annoying problem. There are sites & services that you need to access without VPN […]

Apple VPN application updated for SmartDNS

It has been a while since we have last wrote about our VPN software for Mac and Windows. We know we have put your patience to a great trial but better late, than never! Your VPN application for Mac OSX […]

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