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Everyone needs VPN!

  And it does not matter if you live in USA, UK, Poland, China, Russia or Iran. In each of those countries and almost all those not mentioned above every single person using the internet needs a VPN now. The […]

Do you consider yourself a pirate?

We have read a very interesting article toady. Apparently BBC has very conservative and strict looks on what is VPN and who are people using VPN technologies. Yes, we would say that it is true that a lot of people […]

Torrents or P2P under your own IP?

First of all lets get one thing straight. We strongly believe, that people should get paid for their job. However we are very far from judging any one or even seeing problem of piracy in just black and whit colours. […]

How to hide IP – quick guide (part 2)

Last week we have posted a short article about “How to hide IP address”. In first part of article we have tried to explain what is IP address and why making your IP  address invisible (hiding IP, change of IP […]

Is TOR no longer anonymous?

Many of you thought what service should I use, TOR or VPN. The first seemed like a better choice anonymity wise. Second one  on way more comfortable (especially if we just want to browse “legal” internet , stream some movies from Hulu or Netflix […]

200.000 (more!!!) People Received a Letter – PAY!

Today’s post is in a way related to our recent information about Google and other Internet companies presenting data to (in this case) US authorities even from servers located abroad. Let’s say that you do use one of the popular […]

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