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Netflix US in October 2018 – what’s coming?

Each month to those of you who are HideIPVPN and Netflix subscribers using our VPN service & Smart DNS we bring news about new titles joining Netflix service in the USA. Additionally – to those who visit our page for the first time […]
Unblock Netflix US in August

Netflix US in July 2018 – what’s coming?

With our US VPN service and Smart DNS service, it is very easy to access Netflix US. Here are a short guide and information about how you may unblock Netflix US in July and what new titles are coming to […]

Access USA Netflix again – don’t tell anyone!

Before we get to the main event of the post, let us start with two very important notifications. First of all this is a beta test. So, no promises, no complains. We need to test if the idea we have […]

Netflix not available through VPN or Smart DNS

Important:2017-11-30 Update! To access USA Netflix please read this post. There are times when one has to wave a white flag even when it is not pleasant. We are truly sorry to bring you bad news but we need to be […]

Now you can access Netflix using VPN and Smart DNS

We think you are all aware that in recent weeks it became more difficult to access Netflix. As you know, after going global Netflix started actively fight VPN and Smart DNS services to stop people from getting access to its […]

The availability of Netflix grows, but so does the need of VPN for Netflix!

Netflix is the premier service for streaming the best TV shows and movies from all over the world. It won’t be too farfetched to call it the holy grail of movies and TV shows for it is the largest repositories […]

Watch House of Cards season 4

We think this will be interesting for many of our customers with access to Netflix service from all over the world. We know when you will be able to watch House of Cards season 4! To those of you who […]

Netflix US December – what’s coming?

Whenever we can we try to bring you news about new movies joining Netflix service. In this post we will tell you how you can unblock US Netflix (and other regions too) in almost any country you want and what’s […]

Watch on Netflix in October

We got October and that means we need to know what new is coming to our favourite VOD service this month. As in our post unblock Netflix in September you can expect info about new titles you can watch on Netflix […]

Unblock Netflix US – Epix deal is…

Netflix needs no introduction. We hope that same goes for our awesome Smart DNS and VPN service. However we know we can not compare with VOD giant in any way. This is why we thought it might be a good occasion […]

Unblock Netflix in August to watch…

You may remember that in July, we have brought to you information about how to unblock Netflix and what new shows and movies will be added to Netflix. We think such posts are quite welcome by you, so here we […]

Unblock Netflix in July…

Last month we have brought to you list of titles coming to Netflix in June. Today we will not only tell you how to unblock Netflix but also what new is coming to Netflix in July.

Unblock Netflix in June…

Since in the past post we have brought to your attention issues of anonymous BitTorrent downloads we thought not it would be time to remind you about legal service alternative. So… read more if you want to unblock Netflix and […]

Will we see Netflix’s “House of cars”?

Lets see if we really got chances to see a “House of cars” on Netflix? We can only speculate at this point, but since it is a cool subject… why not?

Don’t worry about Netflix cracking down on VPN’s!

You might remember, that few days ago we have reported about Netflix action against VPN and Smart DNS providers. As we understand some of you may have felt a bit uneasy. For us it was always very questionable as there […]

Merry Christmas from HideIPVPN – get up to 65% of VPN and SmartDNS

Another Christmas holidays are here, another winter has come. First, regardless of your faith and religion let us use this as an opportunity to wish you all health and happiness and love. We hope that each and everyone of you […]

Marco Polo. Unblock Netflix & enjoy new TV series

As you know, we at HideIPVPN really like Netflix. There are multiple reasons why, but two most important are – it is legal, users pay money and no one can say that you you are stealing from artists, copyright holders. […]

Netflix & net neutrality news

Looks like every week we have an opportunity to talk about Netflix. In general we do not have anything against it. Although today’s leading subject makes us a bit scarred for the future. Not the future of Netflix but of […]

Netflix is doing OK – join now to save money!

If you have feared for your favourite VOD service in recent weeks we got some very good news. Yesterday Netflix have publish it 1st quarter earnings and at least for now things are looking awesome! Read more to find out […]

HideIPVPN VPN application for OS X & Windows – updated!

Great news (as always!) from HideIPVPN. Not that long ago we have told you that you can now get access to TVCatchup, now we bring you update of our awesome free VPN application. 

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