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Smart DNS & Free VPN giveaway – May

05-27-2016 Update! This Giveaway has ended! The winners will announced soon! It is our great pleasure to announce the start of May Free VPN and Smart DNS giveaway. If you want a chance for a great VPN and Smart DNS […]

Free VPN & Smart DNS giveaway – November

Let’s make November a bit more happy! At least where we are it is dark, wet and cold – true autumn. The easiest way for us to heat things up (a bit) is to offer you our great VPN and […]

Free VPN & SmartDNS for contest winners

It would not be like Christmas & New Year if there would not be a contest where you can win some awesome VPN and SmartDNS prizes.

This Christmas unlock US & UK sites for free!

Christmas are only 7 days away, so we thought it might be worth to remind you about VPN, SmartDNS, unlocking Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, privacy, hiding IP…. and doing it with either great price or totally free. Let’s be hones, […]

Free VPN & SmartDNS giveaway #4

Update! This Giveaway has ended! We have promised you not that long ago that we will do our best and try to offer your free VPN and free Smart DNS accounts more often. Since it is weekend (almost) and during […]

Free VPN (SmartDNS) giveaway #3

Last week we have started (again) to give away Free VPN accounts. So far you were able to get Free NL VPN (for those of you who want to be safe, anonymous and also use P2P and Torrent networks via […]

Win 1 month of Free VPN!

 Today while talking about our (still) new SmartDNS service we will give you chance of winning Free VPN. If this sounds interesting you should read more, unless free month of NL VPN or US/UK VPN is not really desirable ;-). 

How to unblock Hulu with SmartDNS

Hulu should not need no introduction. It is one of the best known VOD sites in the world. Every single day people all over the world look for ways to unblock Hulu outside US and ask Google “How to unlock […]

Win Free 3 months of Premium US/UK SmartDNS

We love SmartDNS service. From your comments we know that users also love our Smart DNS. Since SmartDNS lunched over a month ago we did not receive a single negative comment or opinion about the service. We thought it is […]

How to watch Wimbledon 2013 online

Sorry for our late start, but as it turned out not all of us at HideIPVPN are tennis fans.But having in mind that it is always “better late than never” today we will try to correct our mistake. All of […]

Windows VPN app tutorial

Not that long ago we have introduced refreshed and updated Windows VPN application. It came together with brand new Mac OSX application for VPN. As today we will encourage you to download it with new type of tutorial, it is […]

Free SmartDNS – first contest ever!!!

Have you heard about our upcoming Smart DNS service? We are certain you have, but just in case if you have not you can read the post linked above. Now that you know about SmartDNS you probably know how it […]

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