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Free Smart DNS & Free VPN giveaway – May winners are…

If you visit our blog or social media channels like Facebook or Twitter then you know, that every month we organize Smart DNS &  free VPN giveaway. May VPN & Smart DNS giveaway just ended and it is time to let you know, […]

Free VPN & Smart DNS giveaway – February

02-11-2016 Update! This Giveaway has ended! The winners will announced soon!  Time for another great HideIPVPN giveaway with completely free VPN & Smart DNS accounts. If you want to use one of the best Smart DNS and VPN services for […]

Free VPN & Smart DNS winners are…

Today is the day! As promised on 11th, when we started giveaway of free VPN & Smart DNS today we will announce list of winners.

Free VPN & Smart DNS giveaway – November

Let’s make November a bit more happy! At least where we are it is dark, wet and cold – true autumn. The easiest way for us to heat things up (a bit) is to offer you our great VPN and […]

Free torrent VPN can be yours – birthday giveaway

We just had a great birthday promotion. We are trully sorry that it is over now. But we know how much you all love our Free VPN . So today, to further celebrate our 6th birthday we start Birthday giveaway […]

BestVPN relaunch, Independence Day Promotion and Competition!

Being partner of BestVPN is a great thing. Since one of the best VPN comparison sites is announcing relunch we are happy to be the part of it. Even more so, because we got some great news for you about […]

And the winners of Free VPN are…

All of you who participated in our last free VPN giveaway are probably eagerly awaiting list of winners. So… here we go!

Winners of our April VPN and Smart DNS giveaway are…

If you remember from 7th – 14th of April we had a giveaway of free VPN and Smart DNS accounts. Today it is time, as promised to announce winners of our giveaway. But first… if you did not participate in […]

Free VPN & Smart DNS giveaway

Update! This Giveaway has ended! We have not done it for quite some time, but since it is spring, we just had a Easter and special promo we are all in festive mood. So, why not organize VPN and Smart […]

Easter VPN and Smart DNS promotion for everyone!

As we do it every single year on behalf of whole HideIPVPN Team we would like to wish you all Happy Easter. Regardless of your faith or ethnic origin we truly believe that every type of religious holiday should be an […]

Smart DNS comparison site

8 days left to win TV! As many of our customers are aware, our SmartDNS service is loved far and wide and we often have companies review us and give positive feedback.

Spring giveaway VPN and SmartDNS

It has been a while since we have organized last giveaway. It is high time to change it! Now every one has an equal chance to try and use our VPN or SmartDNS.

New looks, new promo, new contest!

It took a while but it is finally here! Brand new look of our home page. At short we will let you know what is new but we hope most of new looks you will explore for yourself, especially that […]

Last day of Christmas contest!!!

This is a reminder post for all those of you who know about contest but thought there is still time as well as those who have missed the announcement.

Top Gear Christmas Special!

Another Christmas are here and another few things that we love so much every year. Top Gear, “Home Alone”, “Die Hard” and HideIPVPN Christmas sale and Christmas contest.

Free VPN & SmartDNS for contest winners

It would not be like Christmas & New Year if there would not be a contest where you can win some awesome VPN and SmartDNS prizes.

Halloween promotion & contest

Each year HideIPVPN holds an annual VPN / SmartDNS Halloween sale and contest, this year we will do exactly the same thing but with a bit different stakes ;-). If you want to know how you can buy cheap VPN […]

All your thoughts about VPN, IT, privacy and more…

Since we have so many visitors to our site, blog and our social we thought you might want to interested in small experiment. As you know most of our posts on blog are related to unblocking regions, VPN, proxy servers, […]

Win free SmartDNS for 3 months – contest!

It is Friday we thought it would be nice to finish the week with some cool accent. We have looked at our recent blog activity and we were struck by the fact, that it has been quite a while since […]

Free VPN or SmartDNS in exchange….

It has been some time since we have run last contest. But now we are back and we hope you will like our idea of good fun! We hope that we have come up with formula that has no downsides […]

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