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How to setup and use HideIPVPN app for iOS v2

Welcome to HideIPVPN. In this tutorial, you will find out how to setup and use our free VPN app for iOS. It’s very easy to setup. Just follow the next steps.

Singapore VPN – New country added!

Great upgrades and great news. HideIPVPN is very proud to inform you, that we are expanding our VPN network to Asia. Starting today, all subscribers of the Ninja Power VPN plan can access brand new Singapore VPN server. Here are some […]

HideIPVPN US6 Server Upgrade

Hello All! This Monday we have some awesome news for you.  As you know we are always working hard to make our service better. And there is always a bit of space for making good VPN a better one! With […]

Benefits of using French VPN

The need for using VPNs has been understood by more people than before because of the many cases of identity theft and online attacks directed at personal or public domains. Although using a VPN in today’s times is a good […]

Benefits of using VPN apps on iOS and Android

The high functionality offered and supported by smartphones has seen them reach the hands of people all over the world. People today just cannot do without their smartphones, for they have the features of a laptop or a computer and […]

How to setup HideIPVPN app for iOS

Welcome to HideIPVPN. In this tutorial you will find out how to setup and use our free VPN app for iOS. It’s very easy to setup. Just follow next steps.

Unblock Music streamig services using VPN

A lot has changed in the way music is played these days. Offline music players have been replaced by online streaming services. Online music streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music and the likes have taken over the traditional methods […]

French VPN – Bienvenue en France

If you were wondering what is next for HideIPVPN than you don’t have to think anymore. We are again expanding our countries list. From today you can all get French IP address with our French VPN server. Welcome to France!

How to setup OpenVPN on DD-WRT router

Welcome to HideIPVPN. This tutorial will guide how to setup OpenVPN connection using you DD-WRT router.

VPN for File Sharing and Secure Access

The need for online security and protection is understood by everyone in today’s world. The internet has made data storage and backup quite comfortable with its huge data banks in the form of online clouds. Although internet simplifies the communication […]

How to setup OpenVPN on iPad

Welcome to HideIPVPN. This tutorial will guide you how to setup an OpenVPN connection on your iPad.

How to setup OpenVPN on Android Nougat

Welcome to HideIPVPN. This tutorial will guide you how to setup an OpenVPN on Nougat ( Compatible with Android Marshmallow and Lollipop )

Does your Mobile needs a VPN?

The overwhelming rise in the demand of VPN services in the last few years had made it evident that people have finally understood the benefits and need to use a VPN. Perhaps it was the revelation of how easy it […]

Why you should start using a VPN

A connection is established between your system and the website you wish to access by your ISP whenever you wish to access a website. VPN, or Virtual Private Network, works in a similar way. It also connects you to the […]

Why it is good to use VPN while gaming online

VPNs prove to be a handy tool for people looking to protect their identity as well as their data while using the internet. A VPN helps one tunnel through the internet servers, encrypting the traffic between the user system and […]

Public Wi-Fi and VPNs

Eavesdropping and data snooping have become the largest threats to online privacy and security whenever a user wants to browse the internet. There is the constant threat of attackers and phishers looking to monitor your internet activity and hijack an […]

Traveling Abroad? You need VPN!

Internet laws in today’s world are different in different parts of the world. Some countries are liberal in allowing their citizens to use the Internet freely while some countries are strict in that regard and pose heavy censorship laws on […]

How DNS leak can affect you

VPNs have helped people equip themselves better to protect their identity and keep their data safe when they are using the internet. Violation of online privacy has been the cause of many people opening their eyes to the different threats […]

Fast & secure VPN – simply see it!

We have described what VPN is and how it works many times already. But we know that a lot of you can have problems with imagining how it all works and how is it all connected. We ourselves do have […]

Keeping No Logs – Why is it so important for VPN users

It is often said that in today’s world there is no such thing as secrecy or privacy anymore, especially not for the common world populace. Whatever you do on or off the internet somehow makes its way to the internet. […]

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