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Watch Filmbox Live securely with VPN!

Safety, privacy and anonymity online are the main goals of our service. This is the quality we want to bring to all your devices on daily basis. At the same time we do our best so that you can get […]

Watch Rio Olympics online with VPN

Rio 2016, this year Summer Olympics are almost here. We thought it might be a good idea to let you know where and how you can watch Rio Olympics online. Before we get to details we need to ask you a […]

How to unblock and watch Formula 1 2016 with VPN?

New, 2016 season of Formula 1 races is almost here. It is high time to prepare summary of how and where to watch Formula 1 with VPN and Smart DNS. We will divide this article into three parts. This way […]

Do you remember about HideIPVPN Formula 1 2015 promotion?

As you probably know HideIPVPN Team (at least some members of it) are a great Formula 1 fans. Because of that we have convinced the rest of the team that for such occasion a special approach (promotion) is needed. So, […]

TVCatchup.com finally unblocked via Smart DNS

It has been a while, but the most important thing is…. it is finally here!

And even more Netflix news…

It can not be always only good news, unfortunately. Netflix seems to be a hot subject in recent days. First we have reported, that there is a chance that Netflix will start to take a lot more active stance against […]

Watch UK TV live for free with new service!

We are very happy to share some awesome news with you. It is no secret, that we try to grow our service an popularity. In order to do that we try to react as fast as we can to challenges […]

Hulu and VPN (temporary) problem

This is just a short update, so that all of you know current situation in regard of Hulu. Also, we want to make sure that we are not misleading anyone about our service. HideIPVPN is proud to be honest with […]

Best VPN for Portugal

Today we would like to give some advice about VPN to those of you living in Portugal. It does not matter if you are looking for ways to improve your English, or if English is your first language. Whichever is […]

HideIPVPN VPN application for OS X & Windows – updated!

Great news (as always!) from HideIPVPN. Not that long ago we have told you that you can now get access to TVCatchup, now we bring you update of our awesome free VPN application. 

Unblock TVCatchup – it finally works!

For months and months users from all around the world were looking to unblock access to famous UK TV streaming site – TVCatchup! This is the best place to watch UK TV channels live. For the same reason English users […]

TVCatchup VPN trick (watch UK TV live)

Probably quite few of you have hear about great British web service – TVCatchup. In short, this service allows you to watch for free (you should have a paid UK TV Licence) over 50 UK TV channels live (including BBC One, BBC […]

How To Unblock TvCatchUp.com Using HideIpVPN

!Update 21.03.2014 – TVCatchup is working again with any of our UK VPN servers. !Update 12.03.2010  – TV Catchup blocked all servers, now this solution isn’t working anymore.  Read here why TvCatchUp has just blocked several UK Internet Service Providers […]

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