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NBC Olympics – watch live!

Winter Olympic Games are now hot topic all around the globe. Some of you are interested how your countrymen will go against athletes from other countries, some are looking for news around all political aspects of the Games. 

Data Protection Day – use VPN!

Data Privacy Day is nothing new. It is internationally recognized holiday. It is celebrated every year on 28 of January. Its main purpose is to “raise awareness and promote data privacy education. It is currently ‘celebrated’ in the United States, Canada, and […]

SmartDNS updated unlock Dishworld!

Looks like we are on fire and our SmartDNS US unlock service is unstoppable. First, we have lowered its price. Now each month you can watch your favourite shows an movies on many UK and US sites for as little […]

Be safe, be smart!

As new year have just begun and we hope to get many new visitors to our site we would like to remind you about few simple rules that should help you stay safe during 2014. Why are we talking about […]

SmartDNS updated with ESPN streaming

We are constantly working to make our services better, more comprehensive and easier to use. Last year, we have brought you three big changes. New Windows VPN application, new Apple Mac VPN application and the biggest change SmartDNS service. 

This Christmas unlock US & UK sites for free!

Christmas are only 7 days away, so we thought it might be worth to remind you about VPN, SmartDNS, unlocking Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, privacy, hiding IP…. and doing it with either great price or totally free. Let’s be hones, […]

Free VPN (SmartDNS) giveaway #3

Last week we have started (again) to give away Free VPN accounts. So far you were able to get Free NL VPN (for those of you who want to be safe, anonymous and also use P2P and Torrent networks via […]

Win 1 month of Free VPN!

 Today while talking about our (still) new SmartDNS service we will give you chance of winning Free VPN. If this sounds interesting you should read more, unless free month of NL VPN or US/UK VPN is not really desirable ;-). 

SmartDNS is growing – now with NFL games!

Right now with our great SmartDNS service there is plenty to watch for every one. VOD streaming sites form US and UK are all available to you. Formula 1, football, movies, tv shows, you name it (click for list of […]

Is VPN essential for UK Internet users?

“Every household in Britain connected to the Internet will be obliged to declare whether they want to maintain access to online pornography, David Cameron will announce on Monday.” (source) Is VPN essential already in Britain? 

Unlock Crackle – watch “Damages”

We do not know why, but somehow Cracke is one of the COD services we do not mention to often. As other sites we mainly focus on news about Netflix, Hulu & BBC. Subject of how to unlock Crackle has […]

What is the best way to unlock US Netflix in EU?

There is no doubt that Netflix, especially its US “branch” is one of the most popular one. People everyday google, search for the best way to unlock access to Netflix. On our site we have mentioned this subject few times […]

List of UK & US geo-restricted sites that you can access via HideIPVPN

HideIPVPN provides one of the most comprehensive services, where internet anonymity and access to the list of US&UK geo-restricted sites is concerned. Users have choice of two different technologies they can use – VPN and SmartDNS.

Win Free 3 months of Premium US/UK SmartDNS

We love SmartDNS service. From your comments we know that users also love our Smart DNS. Since SmartDNS lunched over a month ago we did not receive a single negative comment or opinion about the service. We thought it is […]

How to watch Wimbledon 2013 online

Sorry for our late start, but as it turned out not all of us at HideIPVPN are tennis fans.But having in mind that it is always “better late than never” today we will try to correct our mistake. All of […]

CISPA is back

We have no doubt you have heard about PIPA, SOPA  & ACTA (just search for those names on our blog). Right now, Americans are very close of passing this bill through. The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) it […]

Easter VPN promotion

This promotion is over, please keep an eye on our blog, Facebook Wall and Google + profile for news about HideIPVPN service and promotions. Current upcoming holidays in world of internet IT services are usually time for promotion. HideIPVPN would like […]

Is HULU for sale?

Time and time again news regarding HULU, one of the most popular video streaming services in US come to day light. Hulu service is divided into two types of streaming. Both available to US users only and one of them […]

We support free and open Internet – do you?

You might not be aware of this but future of your Internet and personal freedom might be (again) at stake. It has not been long that World was talking about internet privacy, copyrights, logs, IP addresses when SPOA, ACTA and […]

Get the most out of you VPN package

Today we have decided to make sure you all know all your options and how to get the most out of our VPN packages. In text below we will try to remind you about few important facts that hopefully will […]

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