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How & where to watch F1 2017 online?

Although a bit late this year, here is our simple guide to F1 online TV broadcasts. Australian GP is already behind us. Win of Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari in the first race of the season brings us hope that, this […]

How to watch Sherlock season 4 on BBC iPlayer!

Happy New Year to all of you!!! We could not start New Year in a better way! New season of BBC Sherlock is out there! With us, our UK VPN and Smart DNS you can watch it anywhere. Learn how […]

How to watch Wimbledon 2016 online in a secure way?

We were all so focused on football that we have forgotten about another popular event – tennis! We hope you will forgive us this oversight. Today we will tell you how you can watch Wimbledon 2016 online in UK in […]

HideIPVPN UK5 Server Upgrade

Looks like this years spring will be full of changes. Only few days ago we’ve let you know about upgrade to one of our US VPN servers. Today upgrades to make our VPN service better continue. Starting today, all customers […]

BBC iPlayer VPN – good news

Three days ago we told you about BBC iPlayer fight with VPN’s (BBC UK VPN problems). We know such situation is not something that makes you, our customers happy. This is why we were hard at work to fix BBC […]

BBC UK VPN problems – we’re on it!

Over past few days BBC has taken more serious approach against VPN providers. Don’t worry, though we are aware of the situation. As with all other services you love and access via our network we will do our best to […]

Watch BBC iPlayer outside UK

Although Europe can hardly match USA with the amounts and quality of services offering streaming of video content there are few exceptions. One of them is British TV VOD service BBC iPlayer. Today we will tell you how to unblock […]

Watch last Top Gear with Jeremy Clarkson

You all probably remember scandal from few weeks ago regarding Jeremy Clarkson and one of his producers. Yesterday viewers of BBC were able to watch an end in Top Gear era. Last Top Gear with Jeremy Clarkson. Have you seen it?

Fast VPN – HideIPVPN UK2 Servers Upgrade

  We planed that our UK2 server will be upgraded like all our other VPN servers previously. Due to some independent from us circumstances we were forced to go ahead with change sooner than originally anticipated.  As all  former changes of our VPN servers it […]

HideIPVPN UK4 Server Upgrade

  In order to improve our service we have upgraded UK4 server to a higher specification server. It is now available same as before uk4.hideipvpn.com. It is in the same location but now it packs much higher bandwidth available per user […]

HideIPVPN UK6 Server Upgrade

In order to improve our service we have upgraded UK6 server to a higher specification server. It is available same as before uk6.hideipvpn.com with the same location.

HideIPVPN UK8 Server Upgrade

In order to improve our service we have upgraded UK8 server to a higher specification server. It is available same as before uk8.hideipvpn.com with the same location.

Watch F1 2015 – 400% OFF any VPN and SmartDNS

As you know we, at HideIPVPN are great F1 fans. Because of that every single year we run a special promo that allows fans all over the world to watch best broadcasts of F1 Grad Prixes! It is high time […]

TVCatchup.com finally unblocked via Smart DNS

It has been a while, but the most important thing is…. it is finally here!

Get VPN or call your ISP

Internet users from UK are hit with very controversial news quite often. In theory UK should be one of Western examples of freedom, freedom of speech and lack of any censorship imposed on its citizens…. but that is theory. Reality […]

New 22nd Top Gear is almost here!

Hurray!!! The wait is (almost) over. Brand new Top Gear series will land on your screen this Sunday. This post will tell you how you can watch it online!

Top Gear Christmas Special!

Another Christmas are here and another few things that we love so much every year. Top Gear, “Home Alone”, “Die Hard” and HideIPVPN Christmas sale and Christmas contest.

Watch first Russian F1 GP live!

Today yet another post about unblocking BBC, watching British TV live online, SmartDNS, VPN and in general quite usual stuff. At the same time, because of recent events in the world politics it will be a bit different. We will […]

Watch F1 Italian GP free and save on VPN and SmartDNS!

Another F1 weekend with BBC is here. We thought it is a great opportunity to remind you about few things in regard of our service and ask you very important question. To find out all, keep reading…

Piracy in UK – things are getting worse!

Do you remember our latest post about change of policy towards Internet piracy in United Kingdom? If not do not read the whole story (as it looks like it was not true) but what we told you at the end. […]

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