Up to 50% + 14% OFF VPN & SmartDNS on St. Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day VPN & SmartDNS slae14th of February is almost here. Everything will get pink and sweet and will be fulfilled with love, flowers, kisses and sugar. It does not matter if you are fan of this “holiday” or not. If you are a girl, boy, in relation ship or looking for one. What is important is that it gives us opportunity to run a cool promo and for you to get great service in awesome price.

Unblock romantic comedies or action flicks with HideIPVPN

As stated above it dose not matter if you want to unblock Netflix to watch romantic movie with your partner, unblock Crackle to watch something “macho” like to wash all the pink and sugar of your body or unblock Hulu to see if anyone else thinks that St. Valentine’s Day is simply something to lough at. What is important that it gives you and us great chance to better know each other.

If you are looking around for best SmartDNS deal around – look now further. We got what you need! Our Smart DNS service relies on 3 blocks:

  • extremely fast DNS and proxy servers – for best viewing experience
  • super reliable service – so that you can watch your Netflix, HBO, BBC and others – anytime, anywhere
  • extremely competitive price

Now, with this awesome St. Valentine’s Day sale we make our prices even better. But before we further details, one more thing.

What all Valentine’s have in common?

Secrecy and anonymity! And if we are talking about secrecy, privacy and anonymity online one has to talk about VPN. Only reliable VPN can guarantee online safety with regard to privacy. So, if you really want to be a “secret Valentine” you simple have to have a proper VPN on your device ;-). With that in mind we have also lowered prices of our VPN packages.

Now it is up to you to choose. Smart DNS or VPN + SmartDNS – both in great, promotional price on all our plans with up to 64%  discount!!!!

Promotion starts today (10.02.15) and ends 15.02.15.

Click now VPN or SmartDNS and get following:

  • 1 month – 50% + 14% OFF
  • 3 months – 10% + 14% OFF
  • 12 months – 20% + 14% OFF

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