Crazy Summer VPN Promo 2017

Last updated on June 17th, 2017 in News, Promotions, SmartDNS, VPN

Crazy Summer VPN Promo 2017

06-17-2017 Update! This promotion has ended!

HideIPVPN team is very happy to announce beginning of our annual Crazy Summer VPN Promo of 2017. We hope all of you will be able to take advantage of our HOT offer and go for holidays equipped with VPN and Smart DNS. Promotion rules will be listed at the end of this post. However let us start with why it is good to have active VPN service during holidays. 

Why it is essential to have VPN on holidays?

Although we are saying this quite often, we think we cannot stress it enough. VPN service can save you money, can secure personal data and all your communications with the internet. It is especially important abroad where due to roaming charges most of us will rely on public Wi-Fi hot spots. And we think we can safely assume that summer holidays are the ones when most people travel abroad.

Popular tourist spots, where thousands of people pass through every day are a perfect place for such “Internet trap”. You can bet any amount of cash you want that in places like that criminals, with help of hackers are hunting for reckless users. It is very easy these days to get hacking software you want. For any type of platform. And this kind of crime is relatively safe for criminals and doe not require actual work. In the past the worst thing that could happen to you was pick-pocketing or your credit card getting cloned. But in both cases this is risky business. If now, you can start software and steal data remotely… why not?

All you need is to get right software, setup a free Wi-Fi to lure people in and a place whit massive amounts of people. During summer holidays there is a lot of places like that. But with active VPN connection it makes stealing your data a lot harder. Consider, that there will be hundreds of people not using VPN around you. And they will be the main target of all hacking tools and methods.

Use Summer VPN Promo – Get VPN!

Our Summer VPN Promo starts today – 1st of June and will end on 14th of June. We discount all our prices but it is up to you decide on level of your savings. The longer period you go for the more you can save. With up to 60% OFF on annual package of VPN and Smart DNS. And with our prices going down – nothing else changes. So, if you want to make sure our VPN & Smart DNS are the thing you want you can still benefit from free VPN trial. Those of you who already decided on their packed, please click below to subscribe.


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