Halloween VPN promotion 2017

Last updated on November 3rd, 2017 in Promotions

11/3/2017 Update! This promotion has ended!

HideIPVPN is happy to invite you all to our brand new, Halloween VPN promotion 2017 . We have some special deals in for you, but don’t wait too long! Our offer is limited and time sensitive. Of course as all Halloween things it also scary as hell. So if you think you are as brave in reading promo details as we were in preparing it, go on. But don’t blame us if something terrifying will happen soon… 

Halloween VPN promotion 2017  – “the curse”…

The origin of the legend dies somewhere in the past and there is no way to find out who put “the curse” on all Halloween promotions :). If you choose to participate you put yourself in grave danger. Within 7 days after a sale, every 250th person will find out that, the product they bought is not what it seemed to be. Some say, that suddenly those products appear to be made out of “pure evil”. And it will be after you if you are “unlucky” to be this person number 251!

However, not all hope is lost. Apparently there is a way to make yourself and your product immune. All you need to do is to make sure, that a friend, someone close or someone you hate, will get the same product out of your recommendation. If they do, your potential curse will be given to them. This way nothing bad will happen to you. So, now it is your choice to decide if you believe it or not and if you do, what do about it. You were warned! 🙂

Halloween VPN promotion 2017 – details

Our Halloween VPN promotion 2017 is held between 25 October and 02 November. All our VPN packages as well as Smart DNS service are subject to Halloween discount of up to 60% OFF.

All you need to do is to click BUY below and share this information to make sure your beloved laptop, phone or game console will not change into something evil.

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