Halloween VPN promotion 2018 – up to 60% OFF

Last updated on November 5th, 2018 in Promotions

11-05-2018 Update! This promotion has ended!

Each year on Halloween we offer you a special discount on our services. 2018 will be no different. If you wish to get the best VPN & Smart DNS for a very reasonable price now you have the chance! Our offer is limited and time sensitive. 

Halloween 2018 VPN Sale – up to 60% OFF

Our promotion is very simple. It is for everyone – even current HideIPVPN subscribers – and all our plans and packages are a part of the promotion. From 10/25 to 11/04 you can subscribe to our services with a discount of up to 60%. The longer subscription period you will go for the more you will save.

Why is it good to have VPN & Smart DNS?

VPN & Smart DNS give you back freedom & privacy online. What is more, VPN also increases your safety and safety of your data. This is how it works.

Smart DNS is a simple service that – when needed – transfers your requests to a specific proxy server. If, for example, you wish to watch Netflix USA from outside of USA, our Smart DNS server will redirect data needed to unblock Netflix USA to a proxy server in the US. You do not need to do anything, it will happen automatically.

VPN is a service that allows you to use the internet through an encrypted tunnel. Because of that, you surf the web under IP address held by the VPN server. All the data you send or receive are fully encrypted. What it means is, that your ISP can no longer “spy” on you and log your online activity. Also, if you happen to use a public access point or free WiFi you will be secured from most hacking attempts against you and your device.

Sounds good? Click below and save on your VPN & Smart DNS package!




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