Our birthday is TODAY – happy anniversary!

Happy Birthday HideIPVPN

As you remember, we have teased you last week about something BIG happening to HideIPVPN. Now we can tell you what it is and what do we have in store for you.

We are hiding your IP for many years!!!

With great pleasure we can tell you, that HideIPVPN is with you for xxx years now! Yes, we can not believe it ourselves. A small VPN provider, that had a very great quality of service in mind, slowly rose to be one of the better recognised brand names in the industry. This of course would have been never possible without you!!! Our awesome customers who are with us every day. Who are patient, when we are a victim of DDoS attack or one of  VPN servers is down. Who trust us with your private data, that we encrypt and send to the world on your behalf.

We honestly want to thank you for that. As we said, last xxx years would have not been possible without you! We promise to keep your data and identities secret, to listen to you and to get better every single day. After all we get the best gift a company can get from a customer – good recommendation. Thank you once more.

Now, let us tell you what we got for you.

First of all, all our VPN and SmartDNS packages are 55% off. You can go for 1 month or 1 year package – it is up to you. All you have to do to get discount is to use promotion code “happyVPN“. Secondly, this special discount will reoccur on your account for 3 consecutive times, but that is not all!

We hope to get special wishes from you on our Facebook Wall. Those of you who will give us your best (either written text or picture or whatever you want) and will guess correctly – HOW OLD IS HideIPVPN we will choose 5 people and reward each of them with 1 year of free VPN package – our biggest super Premium VPN.

It includes Smart DNS unblock, proxy access, torrent & P2P enabled VPN servers. In short – 26 VPN servers in 4 different countries plus all other goodies you get with HideIPVPN. This package is worth over $140!!!! And this is what you can win.

Hints and rules:

Guess our age correctly! 🙂 Write/paint your wishes for us stand out! Make sure you put your wishes as a comment on Facebook (not here on blog!), under entry about our birthday – not separate post on our Wall. And lastly, ask your friends for “Likes” under your comment as this might help us make up our mind.

Remember – we will give over $140 in VPN package to 5 of you for nice birthday wishes!

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