Top Gear Christmas Special!

Top Gear Christmas Special 2014

Another Christmas are here and another few things that we love so much every year. Top Gear, “Home Alone”, “Die Hard” and HideIPVPN Christmas sale and Christmas contest.

Home Alone and Die Hard…

We do not know if this is true in your country, but in many places Christmas without one of the TV channels airing one of those two movies is simply impossible. We can live without snow during Xmas – we do not like it, but hey…. one can only do so much! But Christmas without John McClane would just not be right. For those of you who can not find “Die Hard” on any of the channels we got this:

Now, lets get back to rest of the news…

If you are waiting for new, Christmas Top Gear as much as for “Die Hard” we got great news. This years special will be divided into two parts.

First one will be aired 27.12 at 8:30pm (UK time) and second at 8:00pm on 28.12. Both will be available at BBC Two and BBC Two HD. And of course BBC Two can be watched live via our UK VPN servers & Smart DNS. If you will not be able to watch them live don’t worry. Both will be available via unblocked BBC iPlayer. Hide IP or use SmartDNS – that is all that is needed.

This year Top Gear trio will travel through beautiful Patagonia in three V8 monsters.

And since we are on the subject of Christmas, last three things.

First, do not forget about Christmas sale. Right now save up to 65% on VPN and SmartDNS.


Secondly, we would like to remind you about our awesome Christmas contest, where you can win Free VPN and Free SmartDNS!!!


And thirdly let us yet again wish you all the very Merry Christmas. Love, peace lots of joy. We are truly honoured that you have chosen our services above all others. All the best Friends!

And one more thought in regard of “Die Hard” and the likes… What are the things you can not imagine Christmas without?

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