Watch new X-Files online on Hulu.

new X-Files onlineIt has been long 14 years. We all grew older but the way we remember first seasons of The X-Files we will never forget. Here is how to watch new X-Files online? But there are other questions as well. Will it be as good as the way we remember it? Will it catch new audience? How the X-Files will look in the second decade of XXI century? Continue reading

Netflix VPN problems – not for all.

netflix vpn problemsRight after Netflix expansion to 130 more countries worldwide Netflix VPN problems arisen. Netflix (again) announced that it will now take an active stance against VPN servers. Users using VPN and proxy servers to access content form different regions will not be banned, but it will be impossible for them to watch it anymore. Continue reading

Top countries where you must use VPN

must use vpnThe traffic on the internet has grown by unimaginable amounts in recent years. This has to do with many things like the obvious benefits of having access to the internet as well as developed countries taking the initiative to help bring people from third world countries to the internet. With all the technological advancements that have taken place over the years, internet is considered as a basic service which everyone should have access to.

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Unblock Anything and Enjoy Maximum Accessibility with a VPN

Unblock AnythingIt’s quite frustrating to see a notice about access-restrictions while you’re trying to open a webpage. Heavy internet censorship has been implemented by several countries and even by certain ISPs. If you reside in countries like Saudi Arabia, North Korea, China, Pakistan then you have the firsthand experience of experiencing the internet censorship. Censorships make the internet a place for accessing limited number of websites, which destroys the very essence of the internet. Continue reading

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Use torrents safely with VPN

Use torrents safelyTorrents and P2P networks are not something we mention often on our blog. However, we believe that it is not up to us to judge you. Our job is to deliver you the best service you deserve and to make sure you are safe and anonymous at all time. So today we will tell you (remind you) – how to use torrents safely. Continue reading

The availability of Netflix grows, but so does the need of VPN for Netflix!

netflix everywhereNetflix is the premier service for streaming the best TV shows and movies from all over the world. It won’t be too farfetched to call it the holy grail of movies and TV shows for it is the largest repositories of movies and TV shows from all parts of the world. Be it the latest movies or the latest and most trending TV shows, one can find everything on Netflix.

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Choosing VPN – what made you choose us?

choosing vpnOn our blog we talk about VPN, Smart DNS and all things that are connected to them. How to unblock Netflix or Hulu Plus. How to get HBO Now outside USA. How to better maintain privacy online, how to secure data. Amongst others we also talk about choosing VPN. Right service, right package. This is very important to choose right VPN for your needs. Continue reading

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Benefits of using French VPN

French VPNThe need for using VPNs has been understood by more people than before because of the many cases of identity theft and online attacks directed at personal or public domains. Although using a VPN in today’s times is a good way to go about surfing the internet in just about any part of the world, their usage has different benefits and importance in different parts of the world. Some countries pose huge restrictions on the usage of internet within their country while some offer unlimited access but monitor closely what you access nevertheless. Talking about France, the country’s stand on internet regulations is rather interesting. Continue reading

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