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Polish Nowa TV unblocked with Smart DNS

Today we have some short but good news for those of you who know Polish. Those news also show how closely we listen to what you say. All thanks to your requests and advice. We are proud to announce that Polish TV channel Nowa TV joins our Smart DNS service. […]

Investigatory Powers Bill: what is it and how will it affect your privacy?

We never thought that things will turn this way. Especially when you consider we are talking about country famous for its democracy, freedom and liberty. An Investigatory Powers Bill or so called IP Bill passes into law. If you live in UK you should know what it means, how it can […]

VPN Android App update v1.3

We are glad to announce that we’ve just updated our Andoid VPN app to version 1.3. Here is what’s new and what you have to do to update!

Watch Abu Dhabi F1 GP 2016- who will get the title?

And here we are. End of 2016 Formula 1 season. And although we know quite a lot, the most important question of the season remains unanswered. Learn how to watch Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix. See for your self who will be F1 2016 World Champion!

What are Project Fi and Google VPN? Is it safe?

You might have heard about Project Fi and Google VPN. Below we will try to explain you the basics behind both concepts. Also we will show you why using Google VPN over a good VPN service might not be enough. 

HideIPVPN software for Windows update

We are glad to announce that we’ve just updated our Free VPN & Smart DNS software for Windows to version Here is what’s new and what you have to do to update!

Thanksgiving, Black Friday & Cyber Monday VPN sale!

2016-12-01 Update! This promotion has ended! 2016-11-29 Update! Promo will end on 11/30! Thanksgiving, Black Friday & Cyber Monday. WOW! This just begs for an awesome VPN SALE! We try to never disappoint in this regard so here it is. We official start our autumn VPN sale today! 

VPN service versus total anonymity & TOR

Some of you may have wonder about different aspects of VPN service and VPN use. Does VPN grants total anonymity? Or perhaps for my own protection I should be against VPN? If you indeed thought about such things, please read our opinion on the matter. 

Stream Grand Tour – only 4 days to go!

Let’s face it. Last season of Top Gear at BBC was a true disappointment. We do say this with heavy heart, really. We did not have enough of strong will to go through all Top Gear episodes. But there are good news. Only 4 days left and and great anticipation […]

Best use of VPN in 5 points

We thought it might be smart to help you see how you can best use VPN. We have noticed similar posts online and since we want you to have the best service and knowledge about our product – well, here we go. Best use of VPN service in 5 short points.

Unblock YouTube, Facebook and Twitter in Turkey

We hate publishing bad news for users about civil rights and censorship. Greed of corporations is one thing – nothing to be happy about, but a lot easier to swallow. Government, limiting what citizens can access in the Internet is something completely different. But with recent developments in Turkey we have […]

Watch Vimeo on Demand securely

You might be interested in new VOD service lunched by Vimeo. New place to watch films and TV shows is called Vimeo on demand. Beside some news about the service, we will let you know how you can use this service securely and may additionally benefit from our VPN service. 

What to Do If Your Country prohibits the Internet

In the last series of “House of Cards” Frank Underwood got shot! Wanna know what happened next? I don’t think so. Now rightholders have decided to block the access to the serials online-service – and also to the fate of the main character. Can you make it possible to always […]

Staying Invisible on the Web: Mission is Possible

You had been waiting for a new series of “Games of Thrones” for a week, settled on the couch with pizza and cold light ale, and then – BANG! – “The rights holder had restricted access for your region.” Pizza is cooling down, beer comes out of the beer, and […]

Turkey Banned YouTube and main Youth Social Net: Who is Next?

So imagine: you arrive to Istanbul for the weekend and decided to tweet your friends about your journey, but – oooops! – you realise, it doesn’t work out anymore! You start worrying that your impressive picture will become “out of date” and try to download other messengers … Is it […]

Do you really need money? Better pay with a card!

It seems to everyone that bank accounts are invulnerable. People think, that there are invisible bodyguards just behind the security passwords, which even at the break-in will not allow the penetration of thieves to the holy of holies: your account. We dare to disappoint you: it is not working like […]

Where’s my money, dude?!

Attention! Here is some important information for everyone who likes to shop online. Along with the development of e-commerce, the cybercrime area is developing with leaps and bounds. The latest innovations in this industry pose a threat to the security of e-payments: virtual scammers get access to bank cards through […]

Honest pirates only! Achtung!

“Game of Thrones”, “Walking Dead”, “Westworld” and “Deadpool”. “Batman vs. Superman”, “Captain America: Civil War” and “Star Wars. Episode VII: The Force Awakens“. You’ve just seen a list of the most frequently stealing serials on the Web. Congrats!   And this is happening right at the same time, when a […]

Payments on bank cards have become unsafe!

Making payments on bank cards, you risk to loose all of your money! In the risk zone, there are any actions: ordering shoes at a well-known store, airline tickets for $ 9.99 or paying for your mobile net in a 1001 time. You rejoice in discounts, and do not suspect […]

3 years in prison for “The Shawshank Redemption”

Can you believe it? Nevertheless, it is true: the anti piracy-laws are reaching the planetary scale. For example, last year in India, the legislation on piracy was seriously tightened: now for illegitimate downloading you can get to a prison for up to three years. Eyewitnesses say that the spectacle is […]

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