St. Valentines VPN promotion – up to 51% off

St. Valentines VPN promotionUpdate! February 18, 2016. This promotion has ended! 

14th of February is almost here. Since you all know that HideIPVPN is always looking for an opportunity to offer great VPN & Smart DNS discounts, this looks like an ideal occasion. With St. Valentines VPN promotion you can enjoy up to 51% off for any VPN and Smart DNS packages! Continue reading

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Free VPN & Smart DNS giveaway – February

Free VPN02-11-2016 Update! This Giveaway has ended! The winners will announced soon! 

Time for another great HideIPVPN giveaway with completely free VPN & Smart DNS accounts. If you want to use one of the best Smart DNS and VPN services for free, please read the rest of the post and act accordingly. Good luck! Continue reading

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Watch new X-Files online on Hulu.

new X-Files onlineIt has been long 14 years. We all grew older but the way we remember first seasons of The X-Files we will never forget. Here is how to watch new X-Files online? But there are other questions as well. Will it be as good as the way we remember it? Will it catch new audience? How the X-Files will look in the second decade of XXI century? Continue reading

Netflix VPN problems – not for all.

netflix vpn problemsRight after Netflix expansion to 130 more countries worldwide Netflix VPN problems arisen. Netflix (again) announced that it will now take an active stance against VPN servers. Users using VPN and proxy servers to access content form different regions will not be banned, but it will be impossible for them to watch it anymore. Continue reading

Top countries where you must use VPN

must use vpnThe traffic on the internet has grown by unimaginable amounts in recent years. This has to do with many things like the obvious benefits of having access to the internet as well as developed countries taking the initiative to help bring people from third world countries to the internet. With all the technological advancements that have taken place over the years, internet is considered as a basic service which everyone should have access to.

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