Star Wars Netflix – facts & rumors…

star wars netflixOn the occasion of the latest Star Wars  – episode VII The Force Awakens official poster and trailer (below) we thought it might be a good idea to bring you some Star Wars Netflix info. At the same time this gives us pretext to publish about Star Wars – will you go to see new episode in a cinema? Continue reading

Data Retention Laws in Australia – Use a VPN

blogprivacyFrom October 13, the people of Australia will not be able to exercise their right to online or any sort of privacy. Digital data that is logged when you use your mobiles, landline phones, your text messages, emails, as well as your location information will be retained by ISPs and telcos. The data will be monitored by 21 different agencies of the executive government.

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Tuesday, 20 October 2015 at 10:03 in VPN

How to watch Hulu Plus outside US

hulu blogWhat are two, the most popular VOD services in the world with full feature films, tv shows and tv series? Yes, you are correct – Netflix and Hulu. Today we bring you excellent news regarding Hulu and its premium service – Hulu Plus. Today we tell you how to watch Hulu Plus outside USA. Continue reading

BBC UK VPN problems – we’re on it!

blogbbciplayerOver past few days BBC has taken more serious approach against VPN providers. Don’t worry, though we are aware of the situation. As with all other services you love and access via our network we will do our best to make sure BBC UK VPN is working. For now lets us tell you what is happening, why and what to expect. Continue reading

Saturday, 17 October 2015 at 10:23 in News

Traveling Abroad? You need VPN!

blogtravelInternet laws in today’s world are different in different parts of the world. Some countries are liberal in allowing their citizens to use the Internet freely while some countries are strict in that regard and pose heavy censorship laws on the internet usage of the common populace. There are, however, not a lot of major countries that pose heavy restrictions on people’s internet usage, so things are not as bad for most people of the world. Even geographically restricted services like Netflix are available in most developed countries of the world. But things can suddenly change for someone who is traveling abroad for a long duration of time. For them, using a VPN comes rather handy.

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Watch BBC iPlayer outside UK

blogbbcAlthough Europe can hardly match USA with the amounts and quality of services offering streaming of video content there are few exceptions. One of them is British TV VOD service BBC iPlayer. Today we will tell you how to unblock BBC iPlayer and how to watch it outside UK. Continue reading

How DNS leak can affect you

blog-privacyVPNs have helped people equip themselves better to protect their identity and keep their data safe when they are using the internet. Violation of online privacy has been the cause of many people opening their eyes to the different threats they face while surfing the internet. Attacks like the Ashley Madison attack that exposed over 37 million users led people to use VPNs in a bid to keep their identity hidden from onlookers. While VPNs do provide this feature, people’s identity might still be leaked without their knowing despite using a VPN. This happens because of a DNS leak.

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Fast & secure VPN – simply see it!

smallWe have described what VPN is and how it works many times already. But we know that a lot of you can have problems with imagining how it all works and how is it all connected. We ourselves do have problems with “technical mubo-jumbo” when it comes to fixing cars or cooking ;-). With that in mind we thought that we will try to present you with infographic to better explain where VPN is and why secure VPN is important. Continue reading

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