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Another Christmas holidays are here, another winter has come. First, regardless of your faith and religion let us use this as an opportunity to wish you all health and happiness and love. We hope that each and everyone of you will find all dreams come true. Now, since for many of you Christmas holidays are time off work it might be an awesome time to try ether VPN or SmartDNS and enjoy some quality TV shows and movies with your family. Continue reading

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Two days ago we have published post about the fact, that everyone regardless of the country live in needs a trustworthy VPN these days. Today, looking through our daily our RSS news feeds we got even more evidence to confirm this statement.

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Friday, 12 December 2014 at 00:32 in vpn

Everyone needs VPN!

Hide IP with VPN


And it does not matter if you live in USA, UK, Poland, China, Russia or Iran. In each of those countries and almost all those not mentioned above every single person using the internet needs a VPN now.

The sooner you will realize this, the better for you. Of course reasons and impact of not using VPN will be slightly different in each country. Never the less it not something you wish to try on your self! Right now, graphic presented above should not ask “What if…”, it should state – REMEMBER – They are watching.  Continue reading

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Marco Polo. Unblock Netflix & enjoy new TV series

Marco Polo - Netflix original series

As you know, we at HideIPVPN really like Netflix. There are multiple reasons why, but two most important are – it is legal, users pay money and no one can say that you you are stealing from artists, copyright holders. Secondly it is super convenient. It is easy to use, great service that simply works. One can say that Netflix has changed the way we watch TV and movies in the same way iPhone has redesigned a smartphone back in 2007. Now there is one more reason to join Netflix. Continue reading

Thursday, 4 December 2014 at 11:29 in News