Netflix VPN problems – not for all.

netflix vpn problemsRight after Netflix expansion to 130 more countries worldwide Netflix VPN problems arisen. Netflix (again) announced that it will now take an active stance against VPN servers. Users using VPN and proxy servers to access content form different regions will not be banned, but it will be impossible for them to watch it anymore. Continue reading

Best VPN of 2016 – can we do it together?

Best VPN of 2016As you probably know, HideIPVPN VPN and Smart DNS service has seen a lot of changes in (almost) past year. We hope that most of them were welcome by you. Now we are already looking into the future. We hope that with your engagement and feedback you will help us become best VPN of 2016! Continue reading

How to register HBO Now outside of USA

register HBO Now outside of USAIf you were dreaming about getting HBO VOD service for yourself we may have some very good news for you. Look like it is quite easy to register HBO NOW outside of USA. It did work for us and we will be very curious if it will wok for you. You will need valid credit card (HBO Now is subscription based service) and an Android device to make it work. Continue reading

Apple TV 4 unblock US and UK services

Apple TV 4 Unblock US and UK servicesApple TV 4 is out there for a while now. We suspect, that as the previous models, this on is also quite popular with you. If want to know, if and how it is usable with our services, please read our post. Here is how to perform Apple TV 4 unblock to watch best VOD from USA and UK. Continue reading

Unblock Music streamig services using VPN

unblock music using vpnA lot has changed in the way music is played these days. Offline music players have been replaced by online streaming services. Online music streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music and the likes have taken over the traditional methods of playing music. No longer do people rely upon their downloaded mp3s on their music players. All the latest music is available at your fingertips. With the launch of Apple’s music streaming service, Apple Music, the phenomenon of using streaming sites to listen to music, has seen an unprecedented rise.

Continue reading

Monday, 14 December 2015 at 12:56 in News