Merry Christmas from HideIPVPN – get up to 65% of VPN and SmartDNS

Christmas sale VPN & SmartDNS

Another Christmas holidays are here, another winter has come. First, regardless of your faith and religion let us use this as an opportunity to wish you all health and happiness and love. We hope that each and everyone of you will find all dreams come true. Now, since for many of you Christmas holidays are time off work it might be an awesome time to try ether VPN or SmartDNS and enjoy some quality TV shows and movies with your family. Continue reading

Marco Polo. Unblock Netflix & enjoy new TV series

Marco Polo - Netflix original series

As you know, we at HideIPVPN really like Netflix. There are multiple reasons why, but two most important are – it is legal, users pay money and no one can say that you you are stealing from artists, copyright holders. Secondly it is super convenient. It is easy to use, great service that simply works. One can say that Netflix has changed the way we watch TV and movies in the same way iPhone has redesigned a smartphone back in 2007. Now there is one more reason to join Netflix. Continue reading

Thursday, 4 December 2014 at 11:29 in News

Torrent sites blocked in UK


If you are a customer of one of those 6 ISP’s in UK (Sky, BT, Everything Everywhere, TalkTalk, O2 and Virgin) you might have noticed problem with accessing some torrent sites recently. Now we know why!  Continue reading

Monday, 1 December 2014 at 18:03 in News

Suprise – VPN and SmartDNS sale continues

Thanksgiving closing saleWe would not be called the best VPN provider if we would not always make this additional one more step to help our customers out. In real life you get short period of promotion and sales and if you do not make it in time you are out. We hate that ourselves. Sometimes when we realize that we can get a good deal on something promotion is over and we are left with nothing.

If you just happen to learn about VPN or Smart DNS technology. How you can hide your IP with VPN, how you can change your IP address with VPN and unblock restricted content. Or perhaps you have learned that there is SmartDNS technology that will allow you to enjoy the likes of Netflix and Hulu on your TV outside USA we got great news. Although official period for Thanksgiving & Black Friday sales is over HideIPVPN has decided otherwise.

We are giving you one more week of VPN sale. Right now you can get 50% OFF of our VPN & SmartDNS packages.

Where all other VPN providers have stopped their sales and promotions our special offer is still active. And (as we said) if you are new to this whole VPN thing try us free! You can get 24h free VPN trial and 7 days free SmartDNS trial. Just remember, that our sale has a time limit on it.

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Super 90% Black Friday VPN SALE

Black Friday VPN sale Remember last week post with 65% OFF discount on our VPN and Smart DNS plans? We have told you, that we have tried to make this years Thanksgiving holidays special. And we hope we did. However we thought that we also should emphasize a bit on Black Friday sale. In most cases you will find this day or two days (Friday / Saturday) very special, with very special deals and massive savings. Since we had two great weeks of Thanksgiving sales it was very hard for us to came up with something even bigger in terms of unbelievable deal. Now, you can tell us if we did!

HideIPVPN is simple a MAD (in positive way) VPN and SmartDNS provider. We have prepared a limited number of tickets (accounts) that will give you an awesome deal!

For limited time – only today, you can buy any VPN and Smart DNS plan with 90% OFF discount!!! Yes, you got that right. Regardless of the package you choose we will charge you only 10% of its original value. No promo code required.

Please hurry – 90% discount is available for two days only for limited number of customers (first come, first serve). Get VPN / SmartDNS and enjoy online anonymity and no more geographical restrictions on online content!

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65% OFF Thanksgiving sale continues!

blog-image-thanksgiving-2 Can Thanksgiving and Black Friday get even better? Yes… this is tough question. We already have time of great sales, you can now buy a VPN or Smart DNS with awesome discount from your favourite provider – that would be us – HideIPVPN. So… what can we do to make a smile on your face even bigger? Should we send you some free gravy or turkey? For a moment this sounded like a good idea, but then it came on us like a revelation….

What would say if we would make our great Thanksgiving sale even bigger?

Forget 50% OFF any VPN & SmartDNS plan! HideIPVPN now, (for a limited time only!!!) offers you a massive 65% discount on all our VPN & SmartDNS packages!

Yes, you got that right 65% OFF any VPN & Smart DNS package! Can this years Thanksgiving and Black Friday get better – tell us what you think!

And don’t forget – if you are new to HideIPVPN you can test our services free.

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Thanksgiving VPN & SmartDNS sale

blog-image-thanksgiving Who does not love holidays? We at HideIPVPN do love holidays. We love Thanksgiving dinners, turkey, gravy and time we spend with our families. But lets be honest, we also love sales. Who would not want to save some cash on their favourite products and brands? Continue reading

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Netflix iOS application updated & more…


We  got some great news for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners that use Netflix service. But that is not all. We also will have small reminder for all of you without VPN or SmartDNS service. If you are looking for one you might be interested. Continue reading

Wednesday, 12 November 2014 at 20:33 in News