US users – fight for your privacy and freedom!

VPN protects your privacy

Today just a short note for all our potential clients from US. In the light of recent events  and news regarding NSA and PRISM we would like to emphasize, that there is only one thing that can help protect your privacy and freedom. This thing is VPN. 

As you can see everything that has come to light in recent months in regard of spying on US citizens, some say that even the most important document in American and freedoms it guarantees – the constitution, has been broken on at least few occasions.

Electronic Frontier Foundation calls on Americans to join in a rally against mass surveillance on Oct 26, featuring everyone from Phil Donahue and John Cusak to Molly Crabapple and David Segal, as well as Congressmen like John Conyers, prominent whistleblowers like Daniel Ellsberg, Mark Klein, Thomas Drake, and a many others, making the case for limiting government surveillance.” – source

Whatever you might think, we ask you to watch and share this video clip (and our post). As indeed without additional protection offered by VPN you are an easy target for government agencies.

Beside whole “freedom” aspect of the case VPN protects your data and identity against ordinary, common criminals. If you want to make sure that you, your IP address, your identity and your privacy are protected you VPN at all times when using internet.

If you do have VPN access, as we said – use it at all times. If you don’t try us! Our VPN service supports all platforms. Our VPN servers support different VPN protocols and encryption profiles. As with all other security software that use use daily – like firewall and antivirus. Use VPN toady so that you are not sorry tomorrow! And if you are about to use it – use the best VPN in the Internet, ours!

Still not convinced? How about we give you additional perks like free SmartDNS access included in the packages(*)! No contract and competitive price. Join our Facebook or Google + profiles and ask our customers directly about their experience with our service!

And lastly – don’t miss chance to win free VPN for 1 year!

(*) check details of VPN package for SmartDNS availability

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