1000 Fans on Facebook! – new type of giveaway

Thanks to you we have passed a barrier of a 1.000 fans on our Facebook profile. THANKS AGAIN!!! We are really happy you are with us and that you are happy with our service. With you as a friends we are certain we will reach another thousand (of fans and customers) soon. We are here for you! If you are happy with us, if you got free account from us, if you think we are worth of your recommendation – please keep sharing news about HideIpVPN with others. Of course if you think there is something we can do better we are all ears! Now, back to give away subject.As we have announced on our Facebook profile we wanted to do something a bit special. We hope you consider us to be one of the best VPN providers but we definitely are not the biggest. That is why (as much as we would love to!!!) we are unable to give away a 1000 FREE VPN accounts (we would simply go bust the very same minute because as you know for our old post nothing comes free), for the very same reason we are unable to post you T-Shirts (we do not have them as well – if this will make you any happier 😉 ). What we can do is (hopefully) bring you all a bit more fun as well as a small challenge. Here is the important part.

From today, every once in a while we will post a short message and link just on our Facebook wall with the announcement of  new “Give away/promotion with a twist” (normal give away will also happen from time to time). This will be a link to a Special Free US/UK VPN. Why Special? Normally with link of this kind there was just a limit of XX Free accounts and whoever clicked first got one. This time things will be different. Once you click the link you will be directed to package with nominal price of $8.99/month. Bear in mind it is not a Premium VPN package. There will be a place to enter Promotional code – if you got the code right price of the package will be discounted to $0.00, otherwise it will stay $8.99 (if you don’t know the code or get it wrong do not proceed as you will be asked to pay!). So… if you want Free US/UK account all you have to do is get the code right.

On our Wall we will give you clue to what the password is but not the password itself. We feel this will give everyone a better chance to get a Free VPN account.

Now, a bit of reality –  we need you to help us, in order for us to help you. The more Premium accounts we have the more Free VPN we can offer each month.

To sum up. Soon, you can expect a link to Special “Free” US/UK VPN package on our Facebook profile with the clue of what the promotional code is. Without the correct password you will not be able to get a Free account only cheaper account. This code will be valid until Free accounts within the package have finished. When that happens we will put an info about it.

We would ask a favour from you. If you happen to get a code right and will be awarded Free account, please share news about it on our Wall so that everyone knows it is a real thing, thanks!


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