Amazing VPN giveaway – Win VPN for 1 year

Amazing VPN giveaway - Win VPN for 1 year

08.01.2017 Update! This Giveaway has ended. The winner will be announced soon!

It has been so long ago since we held VPN giveaway. But we promise this if this giveaway will prove a success this will be the first one, not the last one! So, here it is an amazing VPN giveaway and everything you need to know about our game. This is something we have not tried before. Starting today each and everyone of you get a chance to win a free Ninja VPN account. But not just one!!!

Amazing VPN giveaway – the prize…

With just a few clicks of your mouse you can win two amazing VPN accounts – one for you and one for a close friend or family member. Someone you care for, someone you wish to be as safe online as you. This time around you will get a chance to win one of 3 such pairs – 6 free VPN accounts in total.

How to participate in Amazing VPN giveaway?

It is very simple.

1. “Like” our Giveaway picture.
2. “Tag” your friend to get the second Ninja Power VPN package for him too.
3.  And await for end of giveaway – we will choose randomly 3 set of names.

Our giveaway will held till end of July 31.

HINT: want to double your chances of winning in our Amazing VPN giveaway? Tag in different comments as much friend as you have!


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