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Update! This giveaway has ended! Please check our new giveaways! 

 It has been quite long time since last contest with Free VPN prizes on HideIPVPN blog. Today we return with one from the past that we really liked. First let us tell you who can play, win, etc. – just to make sure all conditions/limitations presented by (*) are clear.  Our contest and its main prize is directed at those of you who currently do not use any of our services on regular basis. This means that all your Friends are more than welcome to try!

All the rest of you Free VPN account holders and Premium VPN account holders are also welcome to try, but VPN prize for you will be slightly different. If your project is selected we will either extend your current Premium VPN or Free VPN package for 1 month.

If you are wondering if it is worth to try to win such account let us tell you, that only limitation of our Free US/UK VPN (“all Hulu, Netflix, BBC you can consume”) and Free NL VPN (“all P2P & Torrent files you can download”) are numbers of VPN servers you can choose from. Beside that no other limitations like bandwidth or traffic you can use are in place. The same goes for our log retention policy – as with our Premium VPN packages logs are not stored (but break the rules of our ToS and your Free VPN will be terminated!).

Task for contest is a very simple one. Create new, funny, cool, eye-catching, and so on and so one… cover for our Facebook Wall. You can see what was send to us in the past and create something even better.

Send your projects to: contest [at] with note, that we can use your work on our Facebook profile. We, HideIPVPN Team reserve ourselves right to choose projects that we like, award as many prizes as we will feel is right. All our decisions will be final ;-).

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