Last day of Christmas contest!!!

Last updated on December 30th, 2014 in Giveaways


This is a reminder post for all those of you who know about contest but thought there is still time as well as those who have missed the announcement. On 20.12 HideIPVPN have started a great Christmas contest with awesome VPN and SmartDNS prizes for everyone. Today, as it is 30.12 and it is the last day of our contest we wanted to remind you that you still have great chances of winning free VPN or free SmartDNS. First let us remind you what is at stake! If you will be a lucky winner we will give you a choice of following…


If you choose this package you will gain to following:

PPTP VPN protocol. Other VPN protocols like STTP, L2TP/IPsec, Open VPN and SoftEther are available with our Premium VPN service. High speed internet access to selected VPN server without any bandwidth cap. Encryption of all incoming and what is more important outgoing data! You will be able to bypass any traffic restrictions imposed by your ISP or network environment.

Access to our two super fast VPN servers located in USA and UK. Ability to hide your original IP address behind VPN to truly become invisible in the internet (we do not log users traffic!). Ability to unblock websites in USA and UK that require either US IP or UK IP address. Netflix, HULU, BBC and a lot, lot more will be wide open. All this free and without any other limitations for a whole 1 year!

Free NL VPN…

This package will grant you almost every thing as the package above with the exception of US/UK VPN service. Access to this two countries will be replaced with access to VPN server located in Holland. What will you gain?

Unlimited and fully anonymous access to any P2P or torrent network. Uploads, downloads all behind the safety of VPN server! Again – free and without any limitations for a whole 1 year.

Premium SmartDNS…

All “VOD junkies” should consider this option. If you love watch movies and TV, can not live without Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Amazon Prime Video, iPlayer, ITV, 4oD…. want to watch it all anywhere, on any device, TV, Xbox One, phone, PC. What extremely easy setup this should be your choice. Instead of free VPN plan you can choose our Premium Smart DNS with all its benefits. Again – all its features free for 1 year!

How to enter contest? Simply write your Christmas and New Year wishes from you to us – HERE.

Remember, contest ends today!

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