Free VPN & SmartDNS for contest winners


It would not be like Christmas & New Year if there would not be a contest where you can win some awesome VPN and SmartDNS prizes.

This year we plan to keep it short and simple.

I wish my favourite VPN & SmartDNS service…

Here are prizes we have come up with:

10 x Free VPN for a whole year. You have a choice here of either US and UK VPN package or NL VPN plan. In first package you will gain unlimited access to a VPN server in USA and a VPN server in United Kingdom. With both US IP & UK IP you will be able to unblock your favourite TV, VOD and music services like Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer. Of course, as with our popular Premium VPN you will be able to hide your real IP address and encrypt all your data. Our free VPN will keep you anonymous online at all times.

On the other hand NL VPN will make sure that both your identity and your IP address are secret when you will use P2P and torrent networks. Downloads, uploads does not matter. All in complete privacy and without any limitations.

If free VPN is not something you fancy we can offer you our awesome Smart DNS – one service, many devices. With Smart DNS you can browse the internet as without borders.

…. VPN & SmartDNS contest details.

Contest is held from 19.12 to 31.12. What you need to do is find a post on Facebook with graphic above and write what you wish us. Just that. You can simply write text or paste nice graphic with wishes. It is all up to you! On 01.01.2015 we will choose 10 winners with wishes we have liked best.

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Encrypt your traffic.
Enjoy your privacy.
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Smart DNS Trial

7 days
196 Unblocked websites.
Unlimited devices.
Original ISP speed.
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