Happy Valentines Day with HideIPVPN

Hello Lovers all around the world! HideIPVPN is happy to share the day of love and affection. We hope that with our help (and our awesome Premium VPN packages) you will be able to spend a romantic evening. Enjoy some romantic films that you can get on British TV channels, on Hulu or on Netflix. Or… if you want just look deep in the eyes of your Valentine than perhaps some romantic music from Spotify, Pandora or Rdio will help? Which ever way you will enjoy yourself we hope that you will have a great time!As some of you may have noticed (if you haven’t than please “Like Us” on Facebook) we have promised something special for you today. As you may remember we have changed a bit the way we give away free accounts in order to make it a bit more fun. We thought that today is a good occasion to repeat our game with clues and passwords.

Later one (don’t ask when) we will give you second clue. With both of them you should be able to guess the promo code. And it will be a truly special code 🙂 ! This code will allow you (as long as you are a new customer) to get any Premium VPN package (in a monthly billing cycle only) 100% Free for 1 month! Discount is not recurring one, this means that after this initial month you will have to extend the account or cancel (we strongly hope you will like it enough to stay with us for good!). As you can see all of you, left out there without a proper VPN protection will get a chance to try full Premium package of you choice! We will give away 15 accounts of this type (please, make sure your code was accepted – if not, you do not have to proceed with purchase as you will not get above mentioned discount).


Generally considered the strongest card in deck. Each of its letters starts a name of an ancient “God of Love”. guess the names and use each of the last letters from each of the names to get first part of the code.

Second clue will be published later on on our Facebook Wall.

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