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This giveaway is now over. Keep an eye on our blog for a December giveaway!

We know you all love great deal and free stuff. So now, in addition to our even bigger Thanksgiving VPN sale we have decided to yet again hold a free VPN giveaway. Rules, if you can even call them this way are extremely simple. Follow this link: win free VPN to Facebook and Like our photo. After Sunday, we will choose at random 10 people and award them with one month of completely free VPN access.

Free VPN? What’s the difference?

Or you can ask… where is the catch… there is no free stuff. Well you are right to a certain point. It is hard these days to find truly free stuff. In our case we hope that users of our free VPN access will promote our service via word of mouth and that your friends will see your likes.

Free VPN is a bit different as a package from our Premium VPN (currently on 65% OFF sale!). In free package you will get access to either one NL VPN server that will hide your IP address and allow for anonymous P2P and torrent file exchange or…. You will be able to choose Free US/UK plan (access to 1 VPN server in US and 1 VPN server in UK) and this plan will allow you for unlimited access to Netflix, Hulu, BBC and other music and video content restricted for USA and UK.

For those of you who never used VPN (or SmartDNS) we have a different option. If you will not be one of 10 lucky winners sign up for free trial of our services. We especially encourage you to try our Smart DNS service. It is an awesome tool to unblock restricted content in US (Netflix, Carckle), UK (BBC, ITV) and Poland (TV Player, iplex, HBO Go).

So… follow the link above, click “Like” and await announcement! Good luck to all of you!

Winners of our November VPN giveaway are:

Gabriela De Gwynte Mynte; Ricardo Pereira; Hooman Ir; Billy McBride; Hesham Othman; Damon TwoPoint Oh; Ulrik Boll Djurtoft; Paul Zerdin; Michal Domagala; Mahmmd Sami. All winners are ask to send us private message (on Facebook) so that we can give you link and activation code to register your #free #VPN.

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