Double VPN giveaway – win free VPN for 1 year!

vpn giveaway

November 23, 2017 Update! This giveaway has ended! The winners will be announced soon!


Some of you may remember our July amazing VPN giveaway. It proved to be a big success. At that time we have promised, that if this kind of giveaway or promotion will be popular with our Fans, it will be repeated. As it did, here it is again. Double VPN giveaway for teams. The rules have not changed much since July, but please read – and follow!!! – them, it you want to be a part of this game.


November 23, 2017 Update! The Winners

Congratulations to:

Pair 1 Frank Mohnhaupt & Florian Andreas Gassmann

Pair 2 Hayden Beswick & Brendan Austin

Pair 3 Sam Kar & Ashwin Karthik

How to claim free Ninja Power VPN packages?

Simple! Just send us a message on Facebook or contact our support team through live-chat on our homepage.

Note! For selecting the winners was used RANDOM.ORG


Double VPN giveaway – prize and rules!

In our giveaway there is only one prize. Our top VPN plan – Ninja Power VPN. All our super fast  – up to 1 Gbps/per user – VPN servers. All international locations, meaning you can change your IP at anytime to address from: USA, UK, France, Holland, Poland, Germany, Canada or Singapore. Ability to access any P2P or BitTorrent network in complete privacy and anonymity – unlimited download & unlimited upload. Free VPN applications for all most popular systems – iOS, Windows, Android and MacOS. Download, login and use VPN!

As you are using our Premium VPN product you will also benefit from ability och choosing and using any of the supported VPN protocols. And let’s not forget about our awesome Smart DNS service. It is yours to commend as well!

So one prize only, but! For six lucky winners or rather 3 teams of 2. If you want a chance to grab one of such 3 VPN pairs you will need a partner. Here are the rules.

  1. “Like” our Giveaway picture – placed below or directly on Facebook.
  2. #Tag your team partner in a comment under the picture.
  3. Wait for our random draw – that is it!

HINT: We do not mind if you wish to maximize your chances of winning. Got more Friends than just one? Why not create more teams and play?

Double VPN giveaway – all about timing…

Our VPN giveaway starts today and we will draw winners on 22 November. So you still have few days, but make sure you don’t forget to cast your “vote”.

Now, to make sure you know what is at stake, here is your chance for some foretaste of the Double VPN Giveaway prize. Click below and simply register free trial account. Ninja Power VPN will be yours to use for 24h.

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