Winners of Amazing VPN Giveaway are…

Amazing VPN giveaway - Win VPN for 1 year

We presume that most of you are well aware of the Amazing VPN giveaway we held last month. Today is the day when we will announce lucky winners of free Ninja Power VPN packages for 1 year. Just a little bit more patience please… 

Congratulations to…

As you know current giveaway was a bit different from the ones we held before. First of all, we have prepared 3 sets of prizes. That means 3 main winners and 3 additional names – you all “played” in pairs in our Facebook VPN giveaway. All 6 lucky winner will get full, unlimited access to our best VPN package  – Ninja Power VPN – for 1 year!!!! So, without further ado, Ninja Power VPN winners are:

Pair 1: Alberto Casais Yape & Zeroo Degree

Pair 2: Mehdi TehShahab Ataee

Pair 3: Hectør PerezBryan Rome

We would like to congratulate the winners. We hope you will enjoy your improved online privacy through one of the best VPN networks in the Internet. To all the rest who was not so lucky this time around. Thank you very much for participation, all your “Likes” and fun we had together. We promise this is not the last time you will get a chance to win such awesome VPN prize. Keep an eye on our blog and follow our social media channels – new Amazing VPN giveaway is not that far away.

How to claim free Ninja Power VPN packages?

Simple! Just send us a message on Facebook or contact our support team through live-chat on our homepage.

Note! For selecting the winners was used RANDOM.ORG


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