Winners of our April VPN and Smart DNS giveaway are…

VPN SmartDNS Giveaway Winners

If you remember from 7th – 14th of April we had a giveaway of free VPN and Smart DNS accounts. Today it is time, as promised to announce winners of our giveaway. But first… if you did not participate in our latest contest let us remind you what you have missed. There was only one prize. Our most comprehensive VPN package. This is all that HideIPVPN has to offer in one product. 26 different VPN servers in 4 different countries. Ability to hide your IP address and replace it with IP from USA, UK, Netherlands or Germany. Unlimited access to all the best VOD, TV and music services in the world including HBO Go, HBO Now, Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, BBC, ITV, Pandora, Spotify and a lot, lot more! Being the best of our plans it of course also grants access to our Smart DNS service. This product allows you to unblock and use best entertainment services from USA, United Kingdom and Poland. And we were giving away 20 such accounts!!!

So, if you like what you see make sure to be a part of our game next time!

Now, time to announce winners of 20 VPN and SmartDNS accounts!

1 Dumitru Stefan
2 Felipe Klein Branco
3 Monika Jędrych
4 Renato Martinez
5 Jie Yu
6 Ines Godlewska
7 Ruben Marques
8 Kammy Singh
9 Yasir Kiani
10 Sagar Hamal
11 Reynaldo Bonifacio
12 Zaimoon Sookhoo
13 Raj Karki
14 Stephen Ke
15 Evgenya Udalova
16 Yasin Bakşi
17 Henry Caballero
18 Murat Gedik
19 Alaa Allam
20 Rebel Kashmire

Congratulations to all of you!

How to claim my free VPN and Smart DNS?

This is very simple! Send an email to our support (, in the subject line put “APRIL GIVEAWAY” and don’t forget to past link to your Facebook profile, so that we can confirm it is indeed you.

We hope you will enjoy your SmartDNS & VPN as much as we have enjoyed giving them away!

Played and did not win? Don’t worry, new giveaway is coming soon… 😉

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