Winners of our Spring VPN and Smart DNS giveaway are…

Last updated on March 10th, 2015 in Giveaways

VPN SmartDNS Giveaway Winners

If you remember, on 1st of March we have run new type of giveaway. The stakes were high. We have offered you 30 Premium VPN accounts in total. You could win on of 20 Torrent VPN accounts or 10 of our top VPN packages with US/UK/Poland Smart DNS included.

Task for all of you was very simple – “Like” picture we have published on Facebook. Since now it is 11th of March it is high time and great pleasure on our part to publish promised list of winners.

First, winners of P2P VPN plans:

  1. Piotr Filbrandt
  2. Reji Yohannan
  3. Jonathan Lajoie
  4. Jamal Mirjalili
  5. Sylvie Palier
  6. Irfan Jan
  7. Safia Nasir
  8. Eros Apolloni
  9. Brandon Solomon
  10. Eddy Pinto
  11. Jim Wang
  12. Kymi Adams
  13. Przemyslaw Miszkiewicz
  14. Rana Jehangir
  15. Daniele Paolini
  16. Adnan Walweel
  17. Mazywoo Diplomacy
  18. Shirley P. Smith
  19. Ibrahim Khan
  20. سلطان المنهالي-

And now time to announce winners of Premium VPN with SmartDNS!

  1. Sean Flyn
  2. Kamran Khan
  3. Debbie E. Johnson
  4. Marc Feldhun
  5. Vicky Kaushik
  6. Ali Ashraf
  7. Adnan Sheikn
  8. Antonio Bernabei
  9. Lance Leaton
  10. Domenico Fumato

We would like to congratulate all winners – looks like Force was with you!

In order to claim your winning, please send an e-mail to: Subject of the email should be “Spring giveaway”, put down your name and number from list above.  Once your account becomes active our system will send you “Welcome letters” with detailed instructions how to setup VPN and/or Smart DNS.

Lastly…. should we repeat this kind of giveaway?

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