World Cup 2018 VPN Giveaway #1

Last updated on July 2nd, 2018 in Giveaways

World Cup 2018 VPN Giveaway

Important:07-02-2018 Update! This giveaway has ended! The winners will be announced soon!

To make things even more fun for all of us today, we will run a short, World Cup 2018 VPN Giveaway.  Try & win the perfect VPN for World Cup 2018. Here is how to get your free Ninja Power VPN! 

World Cup VPN Giveaway #1 – the prize…

With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can win two amazing VPN accounts – one for you and one for a close friend or family member. Someone you care for, someone you wish to be as safe online as you.

This time around you will get a chance to win one of 10 such pairs – 20 free VPN accounts in total, each for 1 month.

How to participate in this giveaway?

It is very simple.

  1. “Like” our Giveaway picture – placed below or directly on Facebook.
  2. #Tag your team partner in a comment under the picture.
  3. Wait for our random draw – that is it!


Note:We do not mind if you wish to maximize your chances of winning. Got more Friends than just one? Why not create more teams and play?

VPN giveaway – all about timing…

Our VPN giveaway starts today and we will draw winners on 07/02. So you still have few days, but make sure you don’t forget to cast your “vote”.

Now, to make sure you know what is at stake, here is your chance for some foretaste of the Double VPN Giveaway prize. Click below and simply register a free trial account. Ninja Power VPN will be yours to use for 24h.

Good luck to all of you and have fun!

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