How To Enjoy BBC iPlayer On The Go With Your Mobile Phone (tested on iPhone 3G)

Last updated on November 2nd, 2010 in Setup

For all of you proud owners of modern smartphones HideIP VPN has some great news.

Online streaming service from BBC iPlayer is available to watch now on many mobile devices. And thanks to great Premium VPN Packages from HideIPVPN now you can feast your eyes and ears with all your favourite programs from BBC regardless of where you are. Please remember though that when using your device abroad you maybe charged extra for data transfer so we recommend to use Wi-Fi connections when abroad. Here you can find list of all supported devices: iPlayer

Buy our UK Package our our Premium VPN & Smart DNS package and get access to our servers located within UK.
Set up new VPN connection on your device (see your user manual or google for help): as as server name use (instead of X use number from 5- 8 – as with this package you can choose from 4 different VPN servers in UK); give your user name and password (you already have them if you are existing customer or they will be e-mailed to you if you’re new one).

Once connection is setup and active, just follow this link and enjoy the show!

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