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Last updated on November 2nd, 2015 in SmartDNS, VPN

blogYou maybe wondering what exactly do we have in mind if you do not live in USA. Although this article is based on US we think  (even looking at our selves) that the same will be true for people living in other countries. VPN & Smart DNS – they can save you time and money if you’ll start to watch TV online.

Traditional TV to many channels, to much cash…

Lets start with simple facts. One day has 24 hours and we can be quite certain that this will not change anytime soon. What that means is that daily we only have limited periods of time for certain activities. Mostly we need to compromise. If we want to sleep longer there is a good chance we will not do something during the day. If we want to watch TV, we can not go cycling, if we go running we will have less time to read a book unless we shave some time of something else. Once we realise that it will make perfect sense why we watch less and less TV at all and why we watch smaller % of channels that we used to.

Look at this graph

TV channels

Back in 1994 an average US consumer had access to approx. 40 TV channels and he watched around 25% out of them. Now, most people have access to over 200 channels in their subscription and since we all do not have more time to watch TV and choice is a lot bigger we watch only about 17 of them. This is only 8,5% of all the channels we pay for! Add to that following information:

According to the NPD Group, the average pay TV subscription package in the U.S. cost $86 per month in 2011, and projections call for that figure to hit $200 as soon as 2020.

So, we will pay more and more, for stuff we do not use. Does it make any sense?

Get VPN & Smart DNS – save time and money!

This is where our great VPN and Smart DNS service comes in. Stop paying for TV you do not watch and start paying for things you actually use. Get our premium VPN plan. It is only $9.99/month. Pay for Netflix, pay for Hulu (and HBO Now if you really watch a lot). Depending on your choices it will set you back $27 – $42/months (and that is with VPN and Smart DNS included!!!).

Not only you will be able to tak TV & movies with you anywhere – unlike a traditional TV that you need to watch at home. You will get improved privacy online – with VPN and with Smart DNS access not only to premiums services we have just mentioned but also to a great number of free TV and VOD services from all over the world.

Choice is yours…

Pay for TV you do not really watch. Or pay for VPN and Smart DNS, services you will use (channels you will watch) when you want, when you can and move to watch TV online.

Cut the cord!


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