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Best ways to unblock music sites in USA

Spotify, rdio, Slacker, Pandora, Songza unblockAs it happens in the recent post we have focused on video services. What to watch, where to watch, how to unblock US Netflix, how to change access to its UK library or how to enjoy free Hulu videos. It is high time to remind you all that our services can do more!  Continue reading

Unblock US Crackle in UK

Unblock CrackleWe have wrote about and mentioned Crackle on our blog already few times. However we feel this service (still) does not have a recognition it deserves. Today we direct our post at UK VPN users. Although your video streaming services are great we will tell you how you can make them even better!  Continue reading

Unblock CW – if you like superheores!

Watchj CW at Windows 8

Some things do not need any special introduction. Superman, Batman, Iron Man, Hulk. The list of awesome and mighty heroes is almost endless. At Netflix you can currently enjoy Marvel’s Iron Man (you might want to check what superhero movies are available at Netflix US and Netflix UK library). At Hulu we enjoy second season of The Arrow. Soon “new kid” will join the list! The Flash! Below we will tell you about possible ways to watch this new show online.  Continue reading

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Xbox and SmartDNS are even bigger friends!

Xbox Live Gold Free

The day had come and all your prayers have been answered! Finally you can have even more fun with Xbox (and Xbox360)! Now having SmartDNS (if you live outside USA) and want to unblock US on all your devices makes even more sense! Thanks Microsoft and Gizmondo for great news!!!  Continue reading

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Free VPN & SmartDNS giveaway #1

Some of you might remember, some of you might not. In the past HideIPVPN was trying to help those of you in need of good, free VPN. We understand that not all of you can afford a Premium service and we understand that some of you would wish to test the service before you decide if it is something you like and need.  Continue reading

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Unblock 4K streaming from Netflix

netflix uhdWe all love numbers. In most cases the higher the number the better we feel. Faster CPU’s, bigger screens in smartphones, higher capacity broadband and so on, and so on. The same rule can be applied to world of movies and entertainment in digital era. Movie productions are getting publicity even before release date due to production budget and TV and Smart TV manufacturers are trying to catch our attention (and get into our pocket) through resolution.  Continue reading

Torrent users: noone is safe…

piracyFrom time to time we bring you stories about torrents, P2P and dangers that are involved with downloads of copyrighted materials. As we wrote many times, we suggest other, legal alternatives of getting you favourite entertainment for the internet. Continue reading

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